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Top diaper bags in 2019


Through the consulting of the best diaper bags reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that it will be possible for you to be a stylish mom even if you are carrying diapers. The bags that will be mentioned in this review are not just visually-appealing, but are also very useful, giving you the opportunity to blend fashion with functionality.


Juicy Couture Baby Daydreamer diaper bag


Best Diaper Bags reviewsSince it is made from the same manufacturer as the bag that has been earlier mentioned, moms should expect the same style and high quality with this another popular option when it comes to the product category. The big embroidery design that is located at the front of the bag is one of the most common reasons on why many moms are considering such. In addition, it also has a nice texture. The inside offers spacious room for all the diapers that you need to bring, as well as your little things and that of your baby.

“I’m not used to buy big stuff but after seeing the reviews on this Juicy Couture designer bag I was able to to get to the sense of doing it. The 80% cotton, 20% polyester wrap, magnet closure, 8″shoulder drop, 11,25 in height, 14″ wide makes it a very useful piece of accessory for shopping, dinner, carrying out your baby, travel and so on.” Victoria Ruffle


Cocalo Couture Kayla Satchel diaper bag


If you are looking through the best diaper bags reviews you will find that this one is excellent when it comes to it’s durability, this option is most probably one that will prove to be best for your needs. It is made from coated cotton, with polyester liner, to make sure that it will last for a long time, and that it will still look at its best even after prolonged use. To add, another good reason to purchase this bag is that it is water resistant, which means that even after spillages of milk and water of your baby, it will still look very attractive and stylish.

“For a decent price I could get all that I ever wanted from a designer bag. This item was a wise purchase giving its waterproof nylon coated cotton fabric, polyester lining, multiple elastic pockets, generous dimensions, removable stroller straps and changing pad and the footed bottom. All these features gave me the impression of a versatile accessory.” Harriett Jansen

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Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo diaper bag


Looking for a trendy and functional bag will no longer be a difficult task once you get the chance to see this bag. Aside from its commendable design, many have also liked the materials that are used in this bag, which, like the previous, are durable. It is designed with the needs of moms and babies in mind, such as the inclusion of the stroller straps that can be easily removed, as well as the changing pad that can also be removed and that has a generous size.

“This high-end Cocalo Couture accessory is spacious enough, looks cheeky and makes a good impression along with any outfit every time I get out with it. I use it with any occasion being able to carry all my belongings. It doesn’t show any signs of wear although I frequently used it for a couple of months. This is what a quality brand product involves!” Allison Gray

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OiOi Baby Ikate Tote diaper bag


The inclusion of a zipper at the top of this bag is one of its good features, which makes sure that the diapers and anything else kept inside the bag will be secured in its place. More so, it has stretchy pockets that will allow you to maximize the space inside the bag, and also comes with nylon lining to make sure that it is durable. This is definitely the top list of the best diaper bags reviews and it is the best that you can find in the market, as it has been revealed by the positive feedbacks given by the moms who have already used such in the past.

“Love every bit of this product! I strongly recommend it to everyone that can acquire one. Thanks to its over the shoulder strap i can now easily free my hands and use them to handle my kid or anything else. It also has some generous dimensions and wisely spaced interior that will ensure every women of moving along with anything she needs.” Pauline Mikel

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Juicy Couture tote black diaper bag


Juicy Couture is a name that has long been popular in the market because of the different stylish bags that they create, including this specific model. One of the reasons on why many moms choose this bag is that it comes with interior pockets, and an exterior pocket on the front, giving its users more space to store their little things, aside from the diapers. More so, it also comes with three compartments, which can prove to be more than enough for the baby bottles that will be needed by your baby when you are out.

“I followed the slogan of this Juicy Couture low cost diaper bag and found out that they truly make things with love. The leather like straps can be removed so that I can use it as a handbag or over-the-shoulder during my time out with the kids. It offers me enough space to get all my belongings and also put a bunch of things for my children.” Selam Jespersen

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