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Top cut paper shredders in 2019


Confidential is the prime word in any professional working establishment. This is the reason near any office people need to have a reliable shredder, made to handle any material without any problems at all. There are many products on the market today, capable of cutting down documents in mere minutes but one questions remains to be answered: which is the most efficient shredder? Well, this is where information can lend an extra hand. Read some of the current best cut paper shredders reviews, written by office managers and satisfied buyers, and thus you will be able to find the product suited to your particular needs.


AmazonBasics 12-Sheet cut paper shredder


Best Cut Paper Shredders reviewsToday, one of the best cut paper shredders comes from AmazonBasics, a product with the capacity to shred all confidential information which may include the following: various paper documents, DVDs, CDs and even credit cards. With quick operation and absolutely no hassle, AmazonBasics shredder can quickly shred multi-page documents, destroys credit cards. You won’t have to worry about CDs or DVDs ever again because AmazonBasics has powerful destroyer button, activating the blades that cut the discs in four pieces. The model has a 4.8-gallon wastebasket that keeps all the remains of whatever you wanted to be destroyed.

“A paper shredder is an essential part of any office and this is why I bought the best one in my opinion. Paper, plastic, it doesn’t matter it can cut through anything and fast, being extremely useful. The basket is very large so I don’t have to empty it too often.” Rick Cooper

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AmazonBasics 8-Sheet cut paper shredder


Most of the latest best cut paper shredders reviews underline the precise efficiency of AmazonBasics 8-sheet model, which is used with confidence in thousands of offices across the US. This high quality shredder can help you destroy around 8 sheets of paper at one single usage, while the waste can be picked out with ease from the bottom of the 3.2 gallon wastebasket. The model also comes from the CD/DVD slot that allows you to get rid of various confidential information such types of storage formats. In addition to its solid and user friendly design, AmazonBasics shredder has one year warranty.

“Because I read it was so popular and so good, I decided to get this shredder for my office and after having it for some time now I know I made an excellent choice. The quality of its shredding in such a short time makes me recommend it to other offices.” Dan McCollins

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Fellowes Powershred W-11C cut paper shredder


With a modern aspect, Fellowes Powershred W-11C shredder will help you protect various information that you consider confidential. An elegant part of the company’s line of high quality desk side shredders, W-11C model is ideal in your home or office. If you handle sensitive information then Fellowes Powershred represents a productive way to get rid of it. This powerful shredder can cross-cut up by up to 11 sheets of paper on 1 pass into detailed and unreadable pieces (for example 5/32 inches by 1-3/8 inches). It’s time to protect your sensitive information by shredding that uncomfortable delicate information.

“When I choose the shredder for my office, I went for this one because it looked so modern. The features which it has are top ones as well, cutting easily through plastic or paper. So whichever document I want to dispose of, is made history in one second.” William Brighton

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Fellowes Powershred 225Ci cut paper shredder


It’s important to use an efficient and high quality cut paper shredder in order to protect your work by disposing of sensitive pieces of information or unwanted documents. Fellowes Powershred shredder is 100% jam proof, ideal for home or offices, featuring three levels of ham protection layer that keeps the operation fluid. The model can safely cross cut around 14 sheets of paper and also shred credit cards, paper clips, staples, CD/DVDs and even various junk mail. This powerful shredder is equipped with SafeSense technology which automatically stops when the paper shredding operation ends. In addition, the shredder from Fellowes incorporates Silent Shred technology.

“Since I have it, I didn`t experience one problem regarding it, there wasn’t one document or one card which it couldn’t shred. DVDs also are easily disposed of with this shredder. So in conclusion I recommed it to other offices because it is very reliable.” Andrew Schulz

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Aurora AS890C cut paper shredder


.A growing number of the latest best cut paper shredders reviews, written by office managers and thousands of satisfied buyers, point out that Aurora AS890C model will deliver precise shredding actions without any problems. You confidential or private documents will be turned into confetti once you place them in Aurora AS890C, at a rate of 8 pages per minute. The model has stainless steel blades that manage to slice through paper clips, staples, paper, credit cards and paper. Furthermore, Aurora AS890C cuts across and down the paper, which as waste, will end on the attached 125-sheet basket. This shredder is a smart and useful addition to any home or even small office.

“My favorite thing about the Aurora AS890C is that it has a very big basket with over 100 sheets of paper capacity. Every piece of paper has been shredded with no problems by it and overall I am very satisfied with the way it functions.” George Johnson

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