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Expert Buying Advice for Cordless Lawn Mowers


Picking out a new lawn mower may not be what you had in mind this evening, however it is important that you take a look at all your options before diving in and making a purchase. To help make a decision we’ve compiled a list of three of the top rated lawn mowers of 2019. There are a lot more options out there nowadays when it comes to models of lawn mower to choose from.

One of the more popular models these days are electric lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers have many advantages that a traditional gas powered lawn mower does not. However there are always going to be downsides that come along with those advantages and knowing both will help you make the best decision for you.

When it comes to purchasing an electric lawn mower over a gas powered model the biggest concern for some is a cord trailing behind them. To negate this factor all together we have taken the time to find all of the best cordless lawn mower reviews.


Is a cordless lawn mower the right option for you?

This can be a difficult question for some to answer. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, a quieter machine or something more cost effective in the long run then a cordless mower may be perfect for you.

On the other hand, cordless mowers may be frustrating to use on a large yard or one with uneven terrain. In the end, your decision should be made based on what will provide you with the most convenience and ease of use.


Can it save significant money?

While the initial purchase for an electric cordless mower is often more expensive than even the top end model of a traditional gas powered one, the long-term savings are truly significant. With the cost of fuel being so high these days, it is much easier on your wallet to charge a battery once in a while instead.

On the other hand, these batteries may not have a very long life span, which can make cutting a large lawn considerably difficult because as the battery dies the performance and power behind the blades will decrease.

You should also consider other options that the mower may have including height adjustment, the ability to collect trimmings in a bag as well as the option to turn it into mulch dispersed as you mow to fertilize your lawn.


Top Rated Cordless Lawn Mowers in 2019


After taking a look at the best cordless lawn mower reviews we have compiled a list of three mowers for you to take a look at. We will be taking a look at things like battery life, whether there are bagging and mulching capabilities and ease-of-use from the user’s standpoint.


GreenWorks 25302


1. GreenWorks 25302 Twin ForceThis is easily the option we would consider to be the best cordless mower of 2019. This particular model is the most expensive on our list, though that high price tag really comes with a lot of options. The GreenWorks Twin Force mower is highly spoken of by reviewers and it’s easy to see why.

When compared to a self-propelled gas mower the GreenWorks Twin Force model was said to be just as easy, if not easier, to maneuver around the yard thanks to its lightweight design. This means that this model is perfect for anyone – even seniors who like to keep up on yard work themselves.

Another great advantage with this model is that it comes with two separate batteries. This is extremely helpful for those with a slightly larger yard who would need more battery power and for longer. Some users found using the smaller battery first was the best option if you are using this mower on a very large lawn. That way the smaller battery will have time to charge while you use the larger one in the event a third go-around is needed.

This model is loaded with neat features and another favorite among many reviewers is the fact that this mower has a sensor which can detect the height and thickness of grass – effectively allowing it to increase power when going through thicker patches.

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Black & Decker CM1936


2. Black & Decker CM1936The Black & Decker model seems to be just as effective as the GreenWorks Twin Force when it comes to cutting power and battery life. While this one also has a removable battery for a quick change mid-cut if need be, the second battery does need to be purchased separately.

If you are looking for a slightly less expensive model that will have all the same basic features – lightweight, quick to start, quiet and efficient through most even terrain then this might be the perfect model for you. It works well for small yards with relatively even terrain.

On the other hand if you have a larger yard or you have lots of thicker patches of grass you may want the GreenWorks model over this one for its sensors which generate more power for thicker grass.

One of the advantages of the Black & Decker model is that it can fold up for easy and convenient storage. This is great for someone who may not have a large shed or much extra room in their garage and is definitely one of the reviewers’ favorite aspects. Aside from that people also enjoyed the height adjustment feature which is said to work exactly as described.

Though for some taller grass you may have to go over it twice, this cordless mower is definitely an excellent option for someone with a relatively small or average sized yard. The removable bag also gives you the option to collect your trimmings or return them to the yard as mulch.

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Worx WG775 Lil’Mo


3. WORX WG775 Lil'MoThis is a super lightweight option in comparison to the other two cordless mowers mentioned. This one is also the least expensive option and seems to be made with a smaller battery and framework, the battery being the heaviest part of the mower.

The Worx mower does not come with a second battery – though the battery claims to cut up to 6000 square feet with ease and most reviewers seem to have no problem with a small or average size yard. Most of them were able to get all or at least most of their yard cut with one use of the battery.

It cuts wet grass with ease and is easy to maneuver into smaller spaces due to its small size and lightweight design. One user claimed the battery stopped working after about nine months, however Worx contacted them and replaced the battery and the new one seems to be working fine.

Overall, for the price this is a great option. It also has the option for bags or mulching and the ability to adjust height – all the basic needed functions. It is truly one of the best rated cordless lawn mowers.

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