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What to Consider When Buying a Conair Facial Steamer


Conair has successfully manufactured a growing number of personal care products, and this has made it pretty challenging to single out the best Conair facial steamer on the market. However, depending on one’s personal requirements, a dual-system machine generally offers the most appreciable results. Warm steam provides cleansing by opening up the skin pores, while cool mist hydrates and closes up the pores. Any Conair facial steamer can defend your facial complexion against dryness, environmental damage and signs of aging.

Look for units that offer various settings, aside from an auto-off safety feature. With a terrific Conair facial steamer, your favorite moisturizer will surely work more effectively.

A. Conair Facial Steamer

What to Look for When Buying a Conair Facial Steamer?


Facial Cones and Accessories

The facial cone concentrates steam or mist so the face gets proper steaming or sauna care. The facial cone should be wide enough to accommodate your facial contours. Some models even come with a nasal cone, which enables you to get focused steaming for the nose. The cone should provide a closed chamber in which steam or mist is delivered to the skin pores most efficiently.

Some models ship with a facial brush tool and two other attachments, a sponge for applying your favorite moisturizer and an exfoliating brush. Genuine quality parts are a trademark of any Conair facial sauna.


Dual Steam/Mist System

With a dual system facial steamer, you can enjoy the benefits of warm steam and cool mist. The warm steam opens up your skin pores and prepares them for deep cleaning. This enables exfoliating and cleansing devices and substances to be more effective at penetrating and drawing out dirt and grime from the pores. The cool mist system closes up the skin pores and completes your beauty regimen. The facial steamer should provide adjustable settings so you can enjoy customized cleansing.


Auto Shutoff and Timer

An auto-off feature customizes the length of facial treatment. It also ensures that the unit switches off automatically after a given time, with the help of the timer, to ensure that water doesn’t run dry. This prevents overheating of the personal care appliance.

The auto shutoff feature is an element typically found in professional facial steamers, but its integration into something as portable as a Conair facial steamer ensures safety in use. The timer also provides customized control on the use of the facial steamer.


Top Conair Facial Steamers in 2019



Conair MDF3 Facial Sauna System


1.Conair Facial Sauna SystemSkin care has truly come a long way from the conventional washcloth-and-soap method. Nowadays, more women have reaped the benefits of using steam to open up and close the pores. The Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer is built with a cone to concentrate mist on the face. It gently opens up clogged pores to ensure visible rejuvenation of the skin. The package ships with a narrow sinus cone that helps clear nasal and sinus passages and also opens up the pores of the nose to make removal of blackheads and whiteheads in that area much easier.

The included facial brush tool works to exfoliate dead skin cells so younger cells are revealed. This makes the skin look supple and energized, a far cry from the tired and dry texture that women hate so much. The brush tool also comes with a gentle exfoliating brush to shed off old skin, plus a sponge to enable effective application of your favorite moisturizer. The on-off switch provides control, while the auto off switch and timer ensure safety and prevention of overheating, aside from enabling you to enjoy a customized setting to have your face cleaned.

The blue cones supplied in the package are translucent and plastic, giving you a view of the generated steam plus an extra factor of durability.

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Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System


2.Conair True Glow Warm SteamUtilizing the unique technology behind this best facial steamer enables you to optimize the powerful cleansing capability of warm steam and the pore-closing protection that cool mist provides. The two-step system first uses warm steam to open up the skin pores, a process that not only prepares your face for a genuinely deep cleanse but also enhances overall skin tone and elasticity. This process contributes to better absorption of skin care moisturizers and other products you use for your skin.

After the cleansing process, use the cool mist system to close the pores. When you include the facial sauna in your beauty regimen, you help your skin get hydrated while diminishing the appearance of aging and damage caused by the sun and dry environmental conditions. The facial steamer is outfitted with an auto shutoff switch to ensure safe use. After the set time finishes, the unit shuts off automatically. The timer has five settings, so you can choose how long you want the facial treatment to go on. Choose from 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 minutes to ensure that your skin gets cleansed on the level you prefer.

This small and compact machine cleanses away loosened dirt, cosmetics and oil. It’s perfect for reducing your salon visits, which also saves you money.

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Conair Corporation MDF2R Facial Sauna Systems


3.CONAIR CORPORATION Facial Sauna SystemsThe Conair Corporation Facial Sauna Systems with Timer comes with two facial sauna cones, giving you all-over facial cleansing. The narrow sinus cone helps clear away nose congestion and blockages in the sinus passages. The nasal cone also opens up the pores in the nose area so cleansing can be carried out more effectively. The package ships with a helpful facial tool with two attachments. Use the gentle exfoliating brush to strip away tired and old skin cells and make young cells deep within rise to the surface.

The included sponge helps in the application of skin moisturizer, enabling your skin products to get absorbed more easily. The on/off switch offers easy control and convenient usage. The automatic shut off plus three- to fifteen-minute timer provides safety and customizes the length of every facial treatment session. The small machine is covered by a two-year limited warranty, serving as your assurance of good quality and craftsmanship. The unit is lightweight at just 2.8 pounds. The facial tool requires two separately-bought AA batteries to run.

This smart facial steamer offers you the convenience of doing your own facial treatment at home, thereby reducing your facial salon visits and saving you money. It is a reliable device that helps you enjoy home facial treatments when you prefer.

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