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Top Computer Keyboards in 2019


One of the most important hardware for a computer set is the keyboard. Even with the revolutionary touch screen technology for most electronic gadgets these days, a good old keyboard still provides the convenience and efficiency that is needed for a lot of computer-related activities, such as gaming, editing, and many more. Since it is a popular computer part/accessory, there are actually a lot of available keyboard products on the market. Some of the most efficient and well-designed keyboards are included in this list. These items have been evaluated by our team from the feedback posted by consumers in the best computer keyboard reviews sites.


Logitech Wireless K360


The Logitech wireless keyboard K360 has earned a reputation in the best computer keyboard reviews because of its compact yet comfortable design. It is 20% more compact than the standard keyboards, making it the most space-efficient keyboard available on the market today. It has the familiar keyboard layout with 6 hot keys and 12 programmable one-touch F-keys for easy access to the popular functions. The K360 also features the unique Unifying receiver for all Logitech keyboard models. It is powered by batteries which last up to 3 years.

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AmazonBasics Wired


Popular on the market for its slim and stylish design, the AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard provides a low-profile and properly-spaced keys for accurate typing. Unlike other cheap keyboard designs, the AmazonBasics keyboard is quiet and very responsive. Other keyboards at this price point tend to have lighter keys which slide and move a lot. This plug-and-play keyboard is compatible with Mac computers – in fact, it is a recommended alternative for people who have a hard time using Apple Mac’s keyboards.

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Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000


Ergonomics is a defining quality of the best computer keyboard in 2019. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 400 is a cutting-edge keyboard designed for maximum productivity. It does not have the usual keyboard keys layout but its design is so much more functional and comfortable. There is a plush palm rest which relaxes the wrist and is especially helpful when writing long reports or playing games. The number pad has been improved for easy access to commonly used symbols and the customizable hot keys allow performance of common tasks with just a single touch of a button.

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CM Storm Devastator – LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle


For avid gamers, LED gaming keyboards enhance the quality of the game because of its durable keys with tactile feedback. The CM Storm Devastator is a combination of heavy-duty keyboard and mouse especially designed for a comfortable gaming session. This keyboard and mouse have a blue LED backlighting that adds a techie vibe, as well as improved visibility in dimly-lit rooms, for a better gaming experience. The added product features that make it the best computer keyboard in 2019 are the leaser-etched keycap and high-precision scroll wheel for the mouse.

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Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired (KB505U)


The Azio Tri-Color Backlit wired keyboard is specifically designed for people who have difficulty seeing the letters printed on the keyboard, especially in low light conditions. The keys are printed with large letters for easy reading and reduced eyestrain. And a backlight with 3 different colors: red, blue, and purple, is added to provide different choices for the user. The Azio KB505U is a great blend of functionality and readability.

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