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How to Choose the Best Compound Bow Case


A compound bow case is a convenient way to protect and store your bow, and can even make it easier to transport to your favorite hunting site. It can also prevent accidents at home, and even prevent theft. Compound bow cases are available in a variety of styles and sizes, which can make it difficult to find the right one for you. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best compound bow case in 2019.

Best Compound Bow Case


The best compound bow case reviews recommend choosing one with a durable construction. You want the case to be able to protect your bow from damage, and most experts suggest choosing one that is rated durable enough to withstand the rigors of airplane travel. Handles that are sturdy, and wide enough to accommodate gloved hands are also recommended, along with hinges and locks that are resistant to thieves. You may also want to choose a compound bow case that is resistant to fire, and models with plenty of interior foam can prevent breakage and damage to your expensive bow.



As stated by the best compound bow case reviews, the most important aspect to consider is safety. Not only do you want the case to be constructed from high quality, durable materials that will prevent the bow from being damaged during storage, but you also want to keep curious children from getting inside. Sturdy locks can protect your bow from would be thieves, along with keeping children safe. As an added advantage some compound bow cases include more than one lock for extra safety.



There are some additional features to consider that can make the compound bow case easier and more convenient to use. While it should already be large enough to fit your compound bow, some cases have extra compartments that are ideal for storing arrows. Hard outer shells are generally easier to clean, and moisture absorbing foam is always appreciated. This will also prevent moisture from damaging the bow which can occur when it is stored during the long off season.


Top Compound Bow Cases in 2019


While we can’t choose the right one for you, we can show you the top rated compound bow cases of 2019. Designed to be convenient to use and carry, maybe one of these compound bow cases is exactly what you are looking for.


Plano Protector 1110-00


1.Plano Protector Compound Bow CaseOne of the first aspects you will notice is the durable and sturdy construction. The hard material is approved for travel on airplanes and can withstand the rigors of being tossed around, while protecting your expensive compound bow from any damage. The sturdy compound bow case also includes a limited lifetime warranty for additional peace of mind.

The sleek black case is designed to easily accommodate most compound bows, and you also have the advantage of the inner storage pocket that is perfectly sized for your arrows. The case also features a thick layer of protective foam that ensures your bow will remained undamaged during travel. The soft foam also works to absorb any moisture that might be trapped inside, and potentially cause the bow to weaken or become brittle.

You will appreciate the attached handle that is designed to comfortably fit most hands, even when you are wearing gloves. The two bottom feet provide plenty of stability, and you will love knowing that your bow is protected with the patented locking system. The sturdy locks are designed to be resistant to thieves, and will also prevent curious children from prying the case open.

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Allen Company Gear Fit Pro 6034


2.Allen Company Gear FitThere is very little not to like about this compound bow case, including its durable and lightweight design. It is constructed from durable canvas material that is resistant to rips and tears, and the sturdy stitching ensures the handle stays securely attached to the bag. The strong zippers are easy to pull open, and with plenty of exterior pockets you have room to store all of your gear.

Along with its durable construction, this compound bow case includes several convenient features. The handle is padded for extra comfort, which is always appreciated when there is a long hike to your favorite hunting spot. The canvas case is also designed to be lightweight, and include plenty of storage so you can easily transport all of your archery gear.

There are seven zippered pockets on the outside, including a longer one that is perfect for arrows. You can also keep extra tips, bow resin, and even string in this convenient carrying case. It is also designed to be weather proof so you can easily use this compound bow case anytime of the year. It should be noted that this case does not include a safety lock, which might be a concern if you are worried about thieves or small children.

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Mossy Oak MO-CBC-BU1


3.Mossy OakYou will love the affordable price of this compound bow case, along with its convenient and lightweight design. It features a camouflage pattern that is perfect for use in blinds, and its durable construction can withstand the harshest environments. This storage case is also designed to fit most compound bows, though it should be noted that it does not include a safety lock.

The durable material is resistant to rips and tears, and it is also designed to be water resistant. This even includes the protective interior foam that will help keep moisture away from your expensive bow. The sturdy handle is securely attached, and is designed to easily accommodate most hand sizes even if you are wearing gloves. You will also appreciate the sturdy zipper which is designed to be easy to open and close.

This convenient compound bow case makes it easy to carry your archery gear to your favorite hunting spot, and its durable construction is designed to last for years. Affordably priced and able to protect you bow from moisture and damage, it is easy to see why this compound bow case is a popular choice with avid hunters.

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