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Top coffee mugs in 2019


Shopping online is the best way to go if you are looking for a fun coffee mug to purchase for your friends, family or even coworkers. The internet will offer you all the options you need or want without having to visit several stores which are usually not that close to each other. We’ve analyzed hundreds of options, read sets of pages filled with user feedback and emphasized on the best coffee mug reviews in order to come up with a list of recommendations destined to narrow things down for you.


Best Dad Ever Mug


Best coffee mug reviewsIf father’s day is closing you might want to consider purchasing this particular coffee mug. Destined for fathers only, the Best Dad Ever coffee mug is bound to make your father smile as soon as he opens the gift box. It is a great way to remind him every morning that the efforts made while raising a child have not gone unnoticed. Aside from its sentimental value, this product is also very well-built. Made entirely out of ceramic, it can hold up to 13 ounces of coffee. It is dishwasher safe and microwave safe not to mention the fact that it is also affordable.

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Big Mouth Toys the Prescription Mug


Created for caffeine lovers, this 12 ounce coffee mug is very appreciated in all of the best coffee mug reviews. Aside from the fact that it is dishwasher and microwave safe, this product is also nicely designed so as to offer the handle enough distance from its body. This way you will not get burned regardless of how hot the coffee is. Even though extremely cheap, this product is well-built which mostly means it is not made to look this way with the help of stickers. The prescription pill bottle design is painted on so it will not peel of anytime soon.

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I’m A Teacher, What’s Your Super Power?


If you ask teachers what they think about this product they will probably say it is the best coffee mug in 2019. Designed out of durable ceramic material, this 12oz. cup is perfect for students who want to get their favorite teacher a gift that will make them smile. It will look on their desk and it will become the main attraction of the teacher’s lounge. It is colorful and fun which is perfect for any teacher regardless of the fact that it may reflect their personality or their seriousness from which they can take a break from every once in a while.

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This coffee mug is no were near being the best coffee mug in 2019. After going through dozens of reviews we’ve stumbled upon a lot of negative feedback from those who wanted a funny gift for someone close. It seems that it is not durable at all and that the bottom and the exterior are not painted. The manufacturers who despite making their product quite expensive compared to others, have decided to use stickers to give this normal looking coffee mug a more interesting look. Unfortunately those stickers are bound to come off sometime soon which means you will end up with an average 10oz. coffee mug which is not worth even 5 times as little as you initially paid.

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24-105mm Travel Mug


This is, according to the top rated coffee mug reviews we’ve analyzed, one of the best gifts to make for a photographer. Not only does it look like a camera lens, but it is also designed to keep your drink hot for a really long time. Built out of stainless steel, this amazing looking product is the perfect gift to make. It looks just like a camera lens and it is very comfortable to hold. It is guaranteed to be held close by anyone who receives it. It will hold up to 11oz. of your favorite drink and it will be effortless to clean.

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