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Top clothes dryers in 2019


To be presentable all the time we need to always have clean clothes and for this we need a reliable washer. Drying your clothes in a proper way is another problem which is dealt with by purchasing a reliable dryer for your home. Now getting the right one may prove to be a bit difficult because you are presented with so many choices. But to narrow that list down to a few very reliable models you should read the best clothes dryers reviews.



Avanti D110-1IS



The Avanti D110-1IS will prove to be an extremely reliable dryer which will take proper care of all the clothes you place inside it. The design is compact so you can put it wherever you want in your house and this design is ideal for small apartments as well. Only durable materials go into its construction like for instance the stainless steel from which the drum is made of or aluminum for the frame. The load capacity is 4 cu. ft., impressive for such a compact design.



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Amana NED4700YQ



With an impressive top load of 7 cu. ft. it is not surprising why the Amana NED4700YQ is positively reviewed by the best clothes dryers reviews. Other features which make it such a solid dryer are the 12 drying cycles which allow you to place inside it all types of clothes, the interior drum light so you don’t miss a sock or two, the cycle alarm when one finishes and the list can go on and on. All these features and more make it a customer favorite and make it a popular choice.



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Whirlpool WGD4900XW



Another serious dryer with top capabilities is the Whirlpool WGD4900XW which has a decent price range as well. This front-load dryer has an huge capacity which is up to 7.0 cu ft, more than enough to take all your clothes in one go. No over-drying will occur with this dryer because it has an automatic stop features when the clothes are dry, thus not damaging the fabric and making your clothes last longer. The Quiet Operation makes it produce no loud noises while it is working so no one gets disturbed in this time. The top clothes dryers reviews support it 100%.



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The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin



This little spin dryer from The Laundry Alternative is just the thing for small apartments and dorm rooms, because it has a compact size and it is lightweight. It has a fast operation as well drying clothes in just a few minutes, spinning at 1800 RPMs. You will be able to fit about 12 lb of clothes in there which is quite impressive and you wouldn’t think it can take that much after you first see it. And when it comes to energy efficiency it is much better than conventional dryers.



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Amana NED4600YQ


Best Clothes Dryers reviews


Sometimes the traditional design is the best one possible and this goes for the Amana NED4600YQ dryer. With a front load capacity of 6.5 cu. ft. this dryer will have no trouble in drying a huge load of your freshly washed clothes. Also the 11 different cycles mean you will have the best one for all types of clothes made from many types of fabrics. And if you want to save a bit of energy there is even an Energy Cycle. The wrinkle prevent feature ensures that it makes it into the list of the best clothes dryers in 2019.



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