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Waking up in the morning can be pretty difficult, especially when the hour is 6.00 or 7.00 o’clock. Yet, because it’s work, we have to do our best and prepare for the day ahead. Still, without the proper alarm, some people find it pretty difficult to wake up and cast aside the beautiful nature of sleep. The industry is packed with models of alarm clocks which can become an integral part of your bedroom. Reading some of the latest best clock radios reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users, represents an important step in discovering the product capable of helping you wake up better in mornings to come.


Sony ICF-C318


Best Clock Radios reviewsOn your nightstand needs to be Sony ICF-C318 clock radio a model which seems to impress through reliability and pro efficiency. This advanced and practical clock radio takes a minimum space on your nightstand or dresser, but with the 0.9” green LED display you will be able to see the large size numerals, even at the wake of night. The big display comes with two independent alarms, one that suits your needs and the other one for the partner. You can set the radio to wake you or the buzzer, suited to your needs. This model blends to your own personality.

“Getting up in the morning is  much more easier if you have a reliable radio clock, like mine Sony ICF-C318, which I advise you to get in case you have trouble waking up. I found its controls easy to learn and the LED display also shows the time in a very clear way.” Jack Sturidge

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iHome iD37GZC


If you want a professional clock radio to wake you up in the morning without any problems at all then iHome iD37GZC is the model suited to your bedroom. Through this clock radio you have the possibility to wake or even sleep to the tunes of your iPad, iPhone, FM radio or even iPod, whichever suits you best. You should also know that this clock radio comes with an adjustable EQ bass, balance control and treble which gives you the possibility to fully customize the sounds you hear. It incorporates dual alarms which will wake you up whenever you need.

“This little Apple device is amazing because it allows me to wake up to whatever song I want from my iPhone or iPad. And that is not all I can even choose how I hear it, equilizing the different sound elements. Apple really creates some unique devices.” Amanda Stevens

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Oregon Scientific Rm313pna


Well, most of the current best clock radios reviews emphasize on the functionality of Oregon Scientific Rm313pna, a stunning model with a curvy and colourful design. You can place the device on your nightstand or dresser and it will wake you up without any problems at all. The clock radio features the Oregon Scientific ExactSet Fixed Projection that automatically syncs with the US Atomic Clock. You should also know that the alarm clock comes with a precise crescendo alarm and also an 8 minute snooze. So, if you want a great alarm clock to wake you up in the morning this is it.

“I have this radio clock positioned near my bed so that it gets me up in the morning to get to work. I like that the alarm has a crescendo sound so I don’t wake up too suddenly, thus ruining my day from the start. The clock also doesn’t cost much at all.” Eddy Collins

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Magnasonic MAG-MM176K


Considered by many as the most advanced clock radio from the many available on the market today, Magnasonic MAG-MM176K will help wake up in the morning without any problems at all. This high quality and advanced clock radio will automatically set the time and date, thus limiting your interactions with the device. This cool clock radio has a stunning projector that can display the time on your ceiling or even wall; coming from a swivelling head that can be tilted to a full 180 degrees, now that’s the way to wake up and start the day off.

“The Megnasonic MAG-MM176K clock has the important task of making sure I wake up so that I am no late for work, cause the last thing I want to do is get the boss on my back. It has never failed so far in its important task and this is why I recommend it to you.” Frank Pollet

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If you want to benefit from using a high quality and advanced clock radio then Sony ICFCDK50 is certainly the way to go. Getting reliable information from the current best clock radios reviews, this particular model has a modern aspect and delivers a rewarding wake-up call. The device features a built in audio cable in order to connect to digital music players. It has 15 station presets, with AM and FM radio stations. You can set the clock to wake you up in the morning on the soothing sounds of your favourite music with no issues whatsoever, whenever you need.

“I get all the radio channels I need on it, so that when I wake up I am aware of what is going on in the world and also I see the weather forecast. The sound is loud and clear, the time is very visible and I really can’t find one flaw to this reliable radio clock.” Mary Stewart

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