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Key Features for Climbing Tree Stands:


Hunters go over the best climbing tree stand reviews in order to get a piece of hunting equipment that can keep them out of the direct line of sight of their prey, aside from giving them more visibility. The human scent is also effectively kept out of the hunted game’s nose so hunting is sure to be a successful experience.


Tree Stand Types

The best climbing tree stand reviews feature one type of this product. A footrest and a seat are the main components of a climbing tree stand. Climbers provide easy mobility on trees and between hunting sites by eliminating portable ladders and screw-in steps. Fixed stands are quick and simple to set up and can attach to a greater variety of trees. They need a ladder, steps or climbing sticks.

Ladder stands have ladders that attach to trees. The platform on top may be equipped with a seat. Tower stands also have platforms and may have an enclosure, while tripod stands have a fully rotating platform or padded seat.


Safety Provisions

Before deciding whether a product in this category is the top rated climbing tree stand 2019, check for provisions on safety in the unit. Most units come with a safety belt or harness. One with a Fall Arrest System (FAS) is a good choice, as it includes a three- or four-point harness. The FAS distributes your weight by encircling your arms and legs. It offers better mobility, aside from ensuring safety and a secure feel.

Armrests help keep you stable even when you nod off, or help you maintain balance as you hold on to them when the platform or the steps are covered in dew.



A product shouldn’t make it to the best climbing tree stand reviews unless it conforms to safety standards set by the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA). A second-hand unit should be checked for cracks, bends, and missing parts or hardware. Do not ignore any signs of damage. Repairs should have been carried out with proper replacement parts. The product should deploy quietly, be lightweight and comfortable.




The best climbing tree stand 2019 typically includes a reliable and solid-working harness. A fixed tree stand ships with a climbing stick or steps. Functionality is enhanced with separately sold accessories such as seat pads, a protective roof, a camo skirt, and a cough silencer.



Reading the best climbing tree stand reviews can be a tremendous help when you’re searching for the best product on the market. The sheer number of brands and models can be overwhelming, however. Let us simplify things a bit by presenting three widely popular products to help you make a decision with less effort.


Top Climbing Tree Stands in 2019



Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Tree Stand


Best Climbing Tree Stand ReviewsThe Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II tree stand enables you to hunt freely in buck country. This revolutionary piece of hunting equipment is a US-made product, which is your assurance of reliable quality and performance. The slim profile places the weight directly against your back, ensuring dependable attachment to the tree and easy carrying. The tree stand lets you stay mobile while on the hunt, as it folds down to a five-inch packed profile and weighs just 17.5 pounds.

The climbing tree stand comes with a full-sized 30-inch by 19.5-inch cast aluminum platform made in one piece to ensure strength and durability. There’s always room to take a careful aim at your prey on the platform. The special 3D camo design is distinctive only to the user and not to the prey. The contoured foam seat pad helps you achieve a comfortable sitting position as you wait for your prey to show up. The bow holder accepts most parallel limb bows, eliminating the need to separately buy extra accessories for your hunting gear.

The tree stand comes with a bungee strap and backpack straps for convenience. It fits trees with 6-inch to 19-inch diameters, so you won’t have difficulty searching for something to attach the tree stand to.

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Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand


Definitely the best climbing tree stand 2019, the Viper SD ships complete with a four-point safety harness. This special tether element serves as an effective Fall Arrest System (FAS) to make climbing into and out of the tree stand safer. The harness also provides some cushion by alternately slipping and tightening and stretching in its normal manner as you move. The harness also makes the tree stand effortless to assemble on trees safely.

This tree stand is engineered with sound-deadening technology that utilizes paint to absorb sounds so they lose their acoustic effect. This product is lightweight at just 20 pounds, making it easy to carry. It is also easy and fast folding, so deployment and take down are always hassle-free. The stand comes with pads, straps, additional hardware and ropes so you’ll have what you need to enjoy a great game hunting experience.

The tree stand accommodates up to 300 pounds, so an average-sized person can easily make the most of its features. The padded seat with backrest is comfortable as well as adjustable, so you can modify its position/height to accommodate your girth or the hunting position you’d like to be in. The tree stand is a great choice for both bow and rifle hunting.

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Ol’ Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber


There’s a lot going for the Ol’ Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber to make it a topselling product in its specific category. It helps the hunter feel safe and secure while high up in the trees. The tree stand provides comfort with its specially designed 21-inch mesh seat outfitted with ComfortTech materials that ensure a premium experience for hunters who may have to sit for a long time while waiting for their prized prey.

The climbing tree stand can accommodate up to 300 pounds, as it is made with durability and safety as primary considerations. It is certified to TMA standards, ensuring safety to the hunter. The five-point full body harness has also been granted TMA approval as a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to meet and exceed industry standards.

The tree stand offers three-in-one functionality.You can set it up using the classic Ol’ Man straight bar to utilize its primary function. You can also install it with the supplied reversible Gun Rest/Foot Rest to let you use it for either bow or rifle hunting. This tree stand is quiet and comes with an exceptional curved and pivoting design that gives more room and comfort.

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