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Top Climbing Helmets in 2019


There are a lot of adventurous and exciting activities out there that people have yet to try, such as rock and mountain climbing. Although these activities are worth trying, it doesn’t mean that safety must not be prioritized – which is exactly why climbing helmets are very much needed. There are a lot of available climbing helmets on the market, with different sizes and styles. Here are the most recommended items from the best climbing helmet reviews that our team has compiled to make the search a lot easier for the buyers.


Black Diamond Half Dome


The Black Diamond climbing helmet is one of the best climbing helmets in 2019 with a half dome style. The common feedback for this item is its great quality and very attractive color scheme. The outer shell of this helmet is very hard while the inside cups are very comfortable. The straps and buckle are well constructed, which makes it really safe to wear. The slits on the top provide better ventilation and clamps for headlamp attachments are very convenient addition.

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Mammut Skywalker 2


Based on all its positive feedback in the best climbing helmet reviews, the Mammut Skywalker 2 climbing helmet is a well-appreciated product. The hard outer shell is made of extremely durable plastic. The design follows a really good ventilation and ergonomic fit. This helmet is very easy to adjust; in fact, its thumb wheels allow adjustment using just one hand. It fits comfortably it has a well-cushioned interior. The headlamp anchors are strategically positioned and are very sturdy.

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Camp USA Armour


A lot of amateur and expert cavers consider the Camp USA Armour helmet to be the best climbing helmet in 2019. First off, it uses an extremely durable abs material for the shell. It sports a hybrid construction that is designed specifically for caving purposes. The interior of the shell is well-cushioned and is very comfortable to wear. The front clips function properly and it works better with specific headlamp models. The straps are very easy to buckle and unbuckle.

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PetzlElios Helmet


The PetzlElios Climbing Helmet is the best climbing helmet in 2019 that belongs in the higher end of the market. The hard shell is made of durable abs material while inner lining is made of expanded polystyrene. The foam and the webbing are also made of polyester material. This helmet is designed not only for durability and versatility but for maximum comfort as well. The sliding shutter is an excellent ventilation feature. And there are four clips that can be used for headlamp attachment.

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Protec Classic


The Protec Classic helmet is a traditional looking helmet with a straightforward style but absolutely durable construction. The shell is made of extremely durable abs material. The aero style that is constructed with a 2-stage liner adds durability and breathability to the helmet. The interior of the helmet is well-cushioned and the straps are made of webbed soft nylon. This is the best helmet to use for biking and skating.

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