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Top Chipper Shredders in 2019


Every home with a large back yard should have a powerful chipper and shredder. Since there are so many people searching for such professional devices, we took the liberty to analyse the market. We analysed over 30 products, designed by some of the best brands in order to help you discover the ideal product. After 85 hours put in the research, we managed to draft the best Chipper Shredder reviews on five major products. A powerful shredder needs to handle different shredding operations. In addition, a good device should include advanced mulching capabilities. This is why you need to be careful when shopping for a brand new chipper and shredder.


Stanley CH5 15 HP 420 cc Commercial Duty 2-way Feed


Most of the best Chipper Shredder reviews underline the efficiency of Stanley CH5 Commercial Duty. This powerful machine is environmental friendly, being able to transform 4 inch in diameter branches and various debris, into 1/4 inch chips. It can also reduce waste into simple chips. The model is powered by 15 HP and 420cc commercial-duty engine that keeps the chipper/shredder running smoothly. This chipper shredder was designed with a special safety mechanism which improves the engine durability. It can turn with ease 12 bags of yard waste into 1 simple bag of chips. The device comes with an electric starter, chip collection bag, trailer hitch and advanced protection gear.

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Stanley 15 HP 420 cc Commercial Duty


You should opt for a professional chipper shredder that responds well to your chipping and shredding needs. A top rated Chipper Shredder in 2019 was released by Stanley, 15HP 420cc Commercial Duty. This powerful chipper shredder was designed with 15hp commercial duty engine with 2-way feed. The model has a large funnel for leaves gathering around the yard. This machine self feeds and chips with ease by up to 3 in. x 4 in. branches and turns yard waste into nutritious mulch. You should know that the chipper is belt driven and safely equipped with a special centrifugal clutch. This powerful chipper can be of real assistance in any house.

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Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood chipper/leaf shredder


If you are on the market for a professional chipper and shredder you could opt for CSV-2515 from Patriot Products. It is a great addition to any household. This powerful electric chipper shredder can chip with ease branches by up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The device can also be used in order to shred leaves. At a simple switch of a button, your yard will register a major upgrade. All you have to do is plug it into 110 volt outlet. It has large wheels for easy transport from one place to another. The chipper shredder weighs around 95 lbs.

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Stanley 11 HP 270cc


Are you looking for the best Chipper Shredder in 2019? If your answer is yes, then you could opt for Stanley 11HP 270cc chipper shredder. This powerful device makes it perfect for you to use it during a wide range of yard applications. It is environmentally friendly! This high quality device can turn with ease 3 inch branches or debris into useful 1/4 inch chips. The device comes with 2-way feed limb chute and a very large top leaf funnel. The machine can turn 12 bags of yard waste in 1 bag of chips. This powerful chipper shredder is powered by 11HP heavy-duty engine.

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Earthquake 14267 with 212cc – no longer available


Best Chipper Shredder reviewsThe market is packed with a wide range of chipper and shredder machines. Now, you have the option of choosing the best Chipper Shredder in 2019 from Earthquake, 14267.  This powerful device was designed with a high performance Viper Engine that can handle even the hardest of tasks. The device was designed with patented dual triangular hammers that deliver advanced power at different points of impact. It features heavy-duty knives and precise hammers, while the cone delivers extra durability during each job. This powerful machine can turn yard waste into the ideal mulch. You will be impressed by how this chipper will respond to your needs.

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