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Top channel mixers in 2019


If music is your life than you would probably have to organize a small venue or a gig every now and then and so that you have the right sound quality you need to invest in some hardware. A channel mixer is needed of course and if you are searching long and hard for a reliable one you should also take into account what the best Channel mixer reviews have to say about certain models from different brands.


Mackie PROFX12 Compact Effects Mixer


Best Channel mixer reviewsWanting to invest in a top mixer will surely bring you to the Mackie PROFX12 which for small venues is just the thing to own. You will have a multitude of effects from which to choose from thus being allowed to be very creative to make that unforgettable show. The Mackie mic preamps provide the most impressive vocal side of your show and are easy to keep an eye on thanks to the LED meters. Having such a diverse set of features has made out of it one of the best channel mixers in 2019.

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Behringer XENYX X1204USB Mixer


The Behringer XENYX X1204USB is among the most popular mixers you can lay your hands on which has a great price range and a multitude of sound effects to make your venue complete. You should watch out for the 4 studio-grade compressors which will let you mix the vocal and instrumental sound to a professional level. And we almost forgot about the 4 phantom-powered XENYX mic preamps which are sure to come in handy at any show you organize. Audiophiles all over view it as one of the best channel mixers in 2019.

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Pyle-Pro PMX 1006 Stereo Mixer


A complete set of features and sound effects will be granted to you if you invest your money in the Pyle-Pro PMX 1006 stereo mixer. It is able to work with 10 different channels at the same time so you have no shortage of opportunities at the venue you are organizing. This mixer from Pyle-Pro is fitted with all kinds of outputs: Mono, Power, Amplifier, Stereo and the list doesn’t stop here. A well balanced list of features has made it a favorite of the top channel mixers reviews.

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Shure SCM268 Michrophone Mixer


Have that all round control over the gig you are organizing so everything turns out as expected. You will be able to use its 5 phono connectors for a high quality vocal performance and for that balanced instrument sound. The LED peak output meter will let you know if some of the audio readings are too high or low, thus everything having the value that you see fit. Condenser microphones can be used as well because this mixer is fitted with a 12V phantom power.

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Stanton M203 DJ Mixer


For an entry-level DJ the Stanton M203 mixer will prove very valuable, being excellent for getting used to and learning the basic DJing skills. Through the list of its features you will be able to find a line RCA input for every of its 2 channels and 1 phone/line input as well which is interchangeable.  Every channel will also have 3 band EQs, being able to have a top performance of 64dB. The best channel mixer reviews see it as the complete mixer package for inexperienced DJs.

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