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A common question many pet owners ask is “what is the best cat litter for odor control“, and the answer often depends on your furry friend. Cats have their own unique preferences, and if you buy the wrong litter there is a chance you will be cleaning up your pet’s mess. To prevent you from wasting your money trying out several brands of litter we included informative tips in this buying guide, so you choose the right product for you and your cat.


What to look for when buying the best cat litter for odor control?



There are two main types of cat litter to choose from, and each has its own advantages. Litter that forms small clumps when it comes into contact with urine is easier to remove, and can also be effective at keeping odors to a minimum. Non clumping litter is less expensive, but it also needs to be changed more often. If your cat prefers non clumping litter you might want to look for a brand that uses silica crystals to help minimize smells and odors.



You also want to consider the safety of your cat, which can be affected by the type of litter you choose. Loose, non clumping litter is less likely to stick to long hair and be ingested when your cat is bathing, while brands that are organic or “dust free” might be safer for pets with allergies. Litter made from walnuts, wheat, corn, and even recycled newspapers are generally safe for cats with allergies.


Odor control

While it is important for your cat to be comfortable using the litter, you also want it to be able to control odors. There are scented litters that can help manage strong odors, but this can also bother some sensitive cats. The best cat litter¬†will absorb odors, without trying to mask offensive smells with a floral scent. Cat litters that contain charcoal or silica are often better at absorbing strong odors, though it is still important to regularly clean your cat’s box.


What Is the Best Rated Cat Litter for Odor Control?


Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter


1.Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat LitterThere are several reasons why cats and their owners prefer this premium cat litter that includes its ability to effectively control odors. It is perfect for use with multiple cats, and you will love how easy it is to keep the litter box clean. The litter forms into small clumps to lock odors in, and to prevent liquids from reaching the bottom.

This scoopable litter contains natural clay, which is also free from dust and allergens. You have all of the advantages of a clumping litter, without having to worry about small particles irritating sensitive allergies. The organic clay litter is also comfortable for your cat to use, which is important if you want consistent use of the litter box.

You will also appreciate the heavy clay formula that helps to prevent the litter from being tracked over the floor, and the hard clumps are easy to scoop out. Since the clay formula helps prevent moisture and liquids from settling on the bottom of the litter box it is extremely effective at preventing odors, even if you own multiple cats.

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Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob Litter


2.Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob LitterThis kitty litter is perfect for finicky felines and their owners, and it is designed to make it easy to prevent smells and odors. It is perfect for manual and automatic litter boxes, and the small granules are even comfortable for cats with sensitive paws. Designed to be effective and make it easy to keep your cat’s litter box clean and odor free, you will also appreciate the affordable price of this clumping cat litter.

You and your cat have the advantage of the organic formula that features corn fibers. Soft and gentle on your cat’s tender paws, you will also appreciate how effectively the natural litter can absorb unpleasant smells and odors. The corn fibers are also great with owners and cats with allergies, and the dust free formula makes it easy to keep the area around the litter box clean.

The natural corn formula is also lightweight, which makes it easy and convenient to fill and empty the litter box. You will also appreciate the easy open bag that makes pouring a breeze. Gentle enough to use for kittens, your adult cats will also love the natural formula. Designed for use in manual and automatic cat boxes, you will love how easy it is to keep your feline’s area odor free with this natural clumping litter.

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Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Scoopable Cat Litter


3.Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Scoopable Cat LitterThis cat litter was formulated for finicky cats who like only the best, and you will appreciate its affordable price. The clumping granules will effectively seal in odors, while also making it easy to keep the litter box clean. The litter is designed to be light and comfortable on your cat’s paws, which also makes it easier for you to pour.

The litter features a lightweight formula that is free from dust, dyes, and fragrances so you don’t have to worry about allergies, or the fragrance masking odors instead of eliminating strong smells. Designed to be 25 percent lighter than other products, you will appreciate how easy it is to change your cat’s litter without straining under heavy litter bags.

You will appreciate the clumping formula that not only seals in odors, it also prevents moisture from leaking into the bottom of the litter box. The non breaking clumps are easy to remove, and you will also love how the granules do not stick to your cat’s fur or paws. Ideal for all types of litter boxes, you and your cat will love how effective this product is at preventing strong odors.


The right litter will generally depend on your cat’s preference, but you also want the one your finicky feline chooses to be effective at controlling odors. Each of these products is designed to control and prevent odors around the litter box, and also make it easier to keep clean. While we can’t choose the right litter for you and your cat, we hope that one of the products we included will be exactly what you are looking for.


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