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If you’re the owner of a small-sized business such as a coffee shop or a small restaurant, one of the things you need to look for is the best cash register in 2019. Yet which one do you need? Should you get a POS system or even a self checkout stand, or are these better alternatives for large stores?

Basic cash registers come with a series of advantages and disadvantages. They may fall victims to human error, considering the fact that an employee actually has to manually introduce codes to register a transaction. Nevertheless, they’re less expensive than advanced POS systems and they complete the job just as well.

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What do you need a cash register for?

As we’ve already stated in the beginning, cash registers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some of these models can resolve some quite complex tasks. Users may choose from different types, such as standard registers, basic and advanced POS systems, digital point of sale systems and even self checkout stands.

The last two are the most expensive out there, which is why you need to properly assess your needs before choosing a model over another one. While small-sized coffee shops and bistros can largely benefit from using standard registers and basic POS systems, large supermarkets selling thousands of items on a daily basis must utilize the more complex variants.



Cash registers need to be built to last. All things considered, you’ll be paying a lot of money on supplies, such as rolls of receipt paper, cash register toners and ink ribbons. Whatever the case, these will eventually need to be replaced, and you might want to avoid paying for actual repairs of the unit as rarely as possible. Subsequently, we recommend you get a model that’s being manufactured by a well-known brand.

The best cash register reviews can give you a helping hand with this daunting task, and let you know just how dependable and sturdy some models are. Some of the most trusted brands include Casio, Sharp, Panasonic and Royal.



Prices vary largely depending on the number of features of a unit. Low-end models can cost as little as $70, while basic yet efficient ones can go over $200.


Top Cash Registers in 2019


We’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today. You might want to have a look at them, considering they’ve over time gathered some of the best cash register reviews. They’re also of great value, considering the price they come with, and taking into account they can frequently be bought on sale on Amazon.


Sharp XEA107 Entry Level


1.Sharp XEA107This Sharp model is one of the top rated cash registers of 2019. That doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the number of useful features it offers to buyers. It comes with a drawer slot which allows the user to handle both checks and bills easily and securely. The cash drawer consists of 9 compartments, of which 4 are destined for bills and 5 for coins.

The really neat thing about the unit is that it comes with 8 departments that are already pre-programmed. Furthermore, it also features 80 price look-ups, which give a helping hand to any vendor struggling with the machine. It works fast and doesn’t even make too much noise. The LED display it comes with is a notable advantage, and leaves no room for interpretation for the shown figures.

To make matters easier, the manufacturers of the model modified the design of the keys so that the ones that are pressed more frequently are larger-sized than the rest.

Although it’s known to be able to print only receipts, the Sharp unit has gathered some of the best cash register reviews, mostly from people who are owners of small businesses.

Technical support is free for the first year of use for any Sharp model.

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Royal Alpha583CX Heavy Duty


2.Royal Alpha583CXThe Royal unit is undoubtedly the best cash register in 2019, particularly for people looking for more advanced models. It’s versatile yet easy to use and evidently raises up to par. It comes with 1000 price look-ups, which come in handy when the store is pretty crowded and the line’s becoming longer and longer. With this one, the names of the products can be looked up.

One of the reasons for buying the Royal is its dual display. This helps the shopkeeper or the vendor to see the figure at the same time the customer does. If you’re no fan of complications, the cash register can be connected using an integrated serial connection to an optional handheld barcode scanner. The model works perfectly with 2 ¼” x 85’ thermal paper.

As is the case with the Sharp model we described above, this one also features department programming. Each department can have its own name, as long as it is not longer than 12 characters.

The model has received some recommendations from people who manage small businesses. There have been some individuals who’ve stated that it is not the most user-friendly device out there, but it is known to last a very long time.

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Casio PCR-T273 Electronic


3.Casio PCR-T273Casio is a world-known brand that has been manufacturing cash registers for a long time. Casio-branded models might be more expensive than their counterparts, but people often times prefer to buy a Casio register because they know they’ll probably not stumble upon any technical issue.

The model we’re describing can pass for a pretty basic one, with only 999 PLUs available and 8 clerks numbers. As is the case with the Royal model, this one also comes with two displays, one that’s visible to the seller and another one that can be seen by the customer. With its large font, the LCD display makes all figures easy to understand. This is a corded cash register that does not come with batteries.

The register works with 2 ¼” x 85’ thermal paper.

Customers claim that the unit offers great value for the price it comes with, which is why they’ve offered it the best cash register reviews. In fact, there are many individuals who state it’s a bargain for the features it comes with. The only noteworthy mentions that buyers have had to say about the model were related to the programming part.

It isn’t very easy to setup a cash register, and manufacturers always have to make sure they provide enough information to buyers.

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