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Top car subwoofers in 2019


Well, it stands to reason if you are here that you are looking for a powerful car subwoofer. Maybe you need a pounding and loud bass which sends echoes around the car or maybe you just want to enrich the audio clarity. Whatever your reasons are, reading the current best car subwoofers reviews represents the best way to discover the model best suited to your vehicle. Putting a little or more audio “muscles” to your existing audio experience can be done with a high quality car subwoofer, impressing your friends and even family members. With a bit of information on the traits of the current car subwoofers, you will know which one suit you best.


Pioneer TS-SWX251 car subwoofer


Best Car Subwoofers reviewsMost of the current best car subwoofers reviews underline the efficiency of Pioneer TS-SWX251 model. This product reunites the audio clarity and force of Pioneer engineers and the elegance of a carefully designed format. The 10-inch flat subwoofer was created especially for compact spaces, with a lay-flat design. You want force? Pioneer TS-SWX251 handles with ease 800 watts! Easy to install, in the cabin or even luggage area, this powerful car subwoofer has incorporated the pending air suspension system. This system locks air between the primary cone and the drive cone. The pressure resulted, brings about consistent bass in a stunning frequency range.

“I’m in deep love with my new Pioneer woofer. It fits nicely in my Audi A4 trunk. It has a powerful yet clear sound, without any interfering noises. Because my car is sound proof all the bang gets stuck inside. After watching some movies on the web decided to invest in this beauty and I have no regrets about it.” Brian Herbert

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Infinity Basslink car subwoofer


If you are searching for a high quality car subwoofer, then Infinity Basslink model is for you, a product capable to provide powerful bass and clear sounds. This car subwoofer system includes a 10-inch woofer, a round 10-inch passive radiator and also a great 200-watt Class D amplifier. You have the possibility to integrate the subwoofer with ease in your car; mounted vertically or horizontally. Infinity Basslink comes with user-adjustable controls which stabilize the force of the audio experience. Some of the settings include: 0 to 180 degree phase switch, low-pass filter between 70 and 100 Hz and Bass EQ between +3 and -6dB.

“I got this subwoofer as a birthday present from my girlfriend as she knew that I’m a music maniac. I like it loud by any means! With this toy I managed to complete my car’s sound system. It has a good power range and together with a good amp it outdoes itself.” Carlos Williams

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Infinity Reference 1262W car subwoofer


Infinity Reference received high marks from the latest best car subwoofers reviews, and represents a great model to equip your car with. This powerful 12-inch dual voice coil with a pair of 40 oz magnets was engineered in order to deliver the very best of audio experience. You should know that this car subwoofer features Infinity Plus woofer cones and also tweeters. The cones of the woofer are made out of high gloss finish polypropylene, a light material that delivers maximum audio efficiency. Infinity 1262W car subwoofer can be installed with ease in the most sub enclosures without any problems.

“Got a JBL box before leaving its place to this Infinity monster. I’m happy with my decision because it fits well in the back of my car and has an immense amount of power. My friends are impressed every time I kick it and I can hardly control myself while driving!” Mason Hale

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Pyle PL1290BL car subwoofer


One of the most powerful and efficient car subwoofers from the many available in the industry is Pyle PL1290BL, a product ideal for cars with personalities. PL1290BL car subwoofer delivers a complete and precise sound experience that looks stylish, while emanating force. This 12” powerful 1200 watt subwoofer was designed to promote high bass pulses and crystal clear audio experience. Well, once installed, Pyle PL1290BL car subwoofer will make the music sound great in the following types of enclosure: vented, open-air and sealed. The model also has a flat progressive spider format which enhances the speaker’s stability.

“I have not heard about this company before but now they convinced me since I bought this subwoofer model. It provides a good vibe together with my Pioneer amp and medium-high speakers. It is also very easy to install, I did it myself having the right tools around.” Sebastian Lee

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Kicker 10C124 car subwoofer


Designed to deliver refined audio force and quality every time you press play to any song, Kicker 10C124 car subwoofer will never disappoint you. This car subwoofer from Kicker delivers the best bass ever due to the presence of the legendary KICKER bass. With an updated look, Kicker 10C124 car subwoofer maintains a precise balance between high value and heightened performance in the basic round-subwoofer line-up. The Kicker subwoofer includes the stiffest injection-molded cone, a 360degree back bracing and also an upgraded coil-cooling venting that keeps the music playing loud and clear. It’s time to turn on your music player and impress your friends with Kicker!

“I’ve used this Kicker woofer in order to build myself a 2 channel tall car speaker. I got it on a discount from the internet and without any delays. After placing my order a customer support member offered me the details about shipping and delivery time. Like the way it blends with my handmade hall.” Jamie Atkinson

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