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Top canister vacuum cleaners in 2019


Today, thousands of Americans are searching for the best ways to clean their homes with more efficiency and ease. Every room of the house needs to be clean and dust free, so that people could walk with pleasure and liberty. Well, finding the most efficient cleaning instrument represents a challenge on its own accord, given the wide array of products available on the market. Still, as some of the best canister vacuum cleaners reviews showed there are some models worthy of getting accustomed to. Some of them will certainly become a high quality cleaning tool, worthy of using whenever times calls for it.


Eureka 3670G


Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners reviewsIt’s time to say goodbye to pesky cleaners that can’t get the job done, leaving you in the middle of the cleaning operation. Looking at the current best canister vacuum cleaners reviews underline the high efficiency of Eureka 3670G model. This cleaner is sleek, efficient and powerful helping you clean bare floors with ease. Furthermore the vacuum cleaner is ideal for wood floors, rugs, carpets or tiles, suctioning dirt, debris or stains without any problems. The cleaning device has a powerful brush tool that rolls in deep thus cleaning carpets, even hard to reach areas such as stairs or upholstery. The model is powered by a 12 amp motor, maintaining a powerful suction force.

“ I wanted a reliable vacuum for my home and so far the Eureka 3670G has proven to be just that. My floors and carpets stay clean, just how I want them to be, now that I have this vacuum. It is very maneuverable also and gets to every corner of my house.” Anne Cole

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Miele S2121 Olympus


You want to use a powerful vacuum cleaner capable of helping you cover a lot of ground within a short period of time. Miele S2121 cleaner represents the cleaning instrument you should consider with more attention. With thousands of satisfied users, backing the precise operating system of the model certainly represents a reason to purchase it. The cleaner has a six-stage suction system, easily adjustable, ensuring the optimal level of power needed to clean various areas of any surface. You should also know that the cleaner has a floor tool that effortlessly switches from smooth floors to carpeted surfaces, all with a simple click.

“I like very much the Miele S2121 and after using it for some time now I believe it is a very useful vacuum to have around the house. I can switch from the smooth floor tool to the carpet one easily so I clean every surface in the right way.” Bruce Martin

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Panasonic MC-CG917


The majority of the current best canister vacuum cleaners reviews emphasize on the positive functionality of Panasonic MC-CG917, a model very popular in the US. This powerful cleaning instrument is equipped with “OptiFlow” system, power nozzle, bag chamber and also motor protection system, improving your cleaning capabilities. You will get the job done fast and without problems! Powered by a reliable 12 Amp motor and giving you a liberty of 24-feet, this high quality vacuum cleaner helps the user to clean faster large areas of any surface. In addition, the canister vacuum cleaner has a reliable HEPA filter and 4-position carpet height adjustment which makes the cleaning operation a lot easier.

“I didn’t know Panasonic made vacuums before I got this vacuum and quite frankly I’m impressed with the way it manages to take care of my floors. Because of its large cleaning surface I manage to clean all my house faster than before.” Rachel Abbot

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Eureka 3684F


If you want to clean in style and fast any debris coming from your pet then, you need to read more about Eureka 3684F canister vacuum cleaner. Powered by 12 AMP motor, this precise cleaning utility weighs less than 9 lbs, thus increasing your capacity to cover a lot of ground. The cleaner is equipped with various cleaning tools in order to easily accommodate any type of floor, where the pet hair resides. This cleaner incorporates a HEPA filtration system which safely captures around 99.97% of dust, dirt and allergens down to an impressive 0.3 microns.

“This small vacuum is perfect for my small apartment because after I have cleaned the floors I can easily store it, without it taking up too much room. It picks up allergens as well for a complete package and my advice to other potential buyers is to get it.” Kevin Spencer

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Dyson DC26


When it comes to professional canister vacuum cleaners, one model seems to have captured the attention of thousands of American housewives: Dyson DC26, a model appreciated for its fluid functionality and powerful suction power. This ultra-lightweight is ideal for any type of floors, helping you get the job done faster than ever. Easy to use, the model packs the force of Dyson cyclone system and a brush bar that has rows of precise fine carbon fiber filaments. The special brush manages to reduce static and dust, debris or other types of stains from hard floors. Clean with more class and ease!

“I saw the odd shape the first time I looked at it and didn’t think that it would have such good performances. I like the fact that it is extremely light and it is easy for me to carry it around the house from room to room. Every house should have one for their floors.” Emma Beck

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