Best Breast Pump Brand


How to Select the Best Breast Pump Brand


New moms who have to go back to work or who need some time off to go out look to the best breast pump brand to ensure that their baby still enjoys the benefits from their milk even when they’re not available. Selecting a good quality breast pump helps keep the milk flowing and also prevents plugged mammary ducts and possible infection. As soon as breastfeeding is established, it is best to start pumping and introduce bottle feeding as well, as the baby may refuse bottle feeding if it is introduced much later.

A breast pump allows storage of milk for later use to bottle feed the baby or for mixture with some cereal during the solid food stage.

Best breast pump brand

Breast Pump Bottle

Most breast pumps now come with bottles that are made without Bisphenol A or BPA. This chemical is utilized to ensure rigidity in polycarbonate products, making them shatterproof. However, it has been linked to adverse health effects in children. The best breast pumps have a No BPA label to indicate safety for your child.

Non-polycarbonate breast pump bottles without BPA are still solid and sturdy, while providing a safer way for you to store milk compared to plastic milk storage bags that can easily have the contents become contaminated with harmful bacteria if the bag gets punctured by anything sharp, such as the edge of an ice cube.


Breast Pump Type

Unless you intend to invest in an electric powerhouse hospital-grade breast pump, or a medium-weight, automatic, personal-use breast pump, the best way to go is a small electric or battery-operated unit or a manual breast pump.

You can easily find the best breast pump brand of the manual type on the market. A relatively small pump, a manual model requires the mother to produce the suction herself by squeezing a lever or bulb or manipulating a syringe-type cylinder. Manual breast pumps come in many designs. Piston-type models let you control the pressure and minimize discomfort. Some can be operated using one hand. These lightweight, compact devices fit discretely into a tote bag or briefcase.

Small electric or battery-operated units are powered by regular AC current or easily available AA or C batteries. These types are relatively quiet and the vacuum in some can be controlled to ensure maximum comfort.


Ease of Use

It is good advice to choose the right size breast shields to ensure that the nipple doesn’t rub along the shield’s chamber when pumping.

Good quality pumps are engineered to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm by utilizing two modes. The rapid mode corresponds to the short and quick sucks that stimulate the letdown response. This eventually moves on to the deeper, slower sucking mode that produces optimal milk flow.

Some models allow you to regulate the pumping speed, rhythm and suction with the touch of a button.

An adapter that attaches to the cigarette lighter of a car allows you to pump when there’s no access to an electrical outlet.


Top Rated Breast Pump Brands in 2019


There’s no denying the benefits of mother’s milk, and the technology that enables expressing breastmilk for later use is both a convenient and lifesaving one for your child. You should always choose wisely to ensure that your baby gets to enjoy the benefits of your milk fully. Here are three products that should be in your short list.


Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump


1.Medela HarmonyThe Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump enables you to express life-giving breast milk that can be used later so you can have occasional time away from your baby. This easy-to-use manual pump boasts the newest breast pump technology that ensures comfort and convenience. It is designed with a 2 phase expression technology that mimics the natural nursing patterns of your child. The first phase uses rapid sucking to elicit the letdown response and stimulate milk flow. This is followed by the slower sucking pattern that enables production of an increased amount of breast milk. The single manual pump has a lightweight design that makes it portable and enables discrete storage in a purse or tote.

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump helps you express more milk in less time. It ships with a 24mm medium-size Personal Fit breast shield that ensures that your nipples do not rub along the shield chamber during the pumping process, which could prove to be uncomfortable. The breast pump also includes a 5-ounce or 150-ml BPA-safe breastmilk bottle to ensure safety in use, plus a lid and stand to prevent spills and contamination. Get maximum milk flow while ensuring a shorter pumping time so you can get on with the things that matter in your life as a mother.

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Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump


1.Medela HarmonyThe Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump lets you continue breastfeeding even when you’re constantly on the go. It consists of a plastic BPA-free bottle that ensures safety. The US-made product assures you of distinct craftsmanship and reliable quality. It carries a revolutionary design that enables you to assume a comfortable and more relaxed position while expressing milk and making milk flow easier. The manual breast pump is designed with a soft, textured massage cushion to help stimulate milk flow gently. The ergonomic handle allows you to operate the unit using just one hand. The lightweight and compact design enables problem-free and discrete storage in a bag or purse.

The Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump enables you to get into a comfortable upright seated position as you pump. The angled neck stimulates milk to flow freely from your breast to the bottle as you relax. This creates a positive effect on the flow and quantity of milk. The soft massage cushion features five textured petals designed to gently stimulate optimal milk flow by mimicking a baby’s natural sucking pattern. The cushion fits most mothers, but a large cushion can be separately purchased. The collection bottle links with the pump and doubles as a feeding bottle when fitted with the included breast-shaped nipple.

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The First Years Sole Expressions Breast Pump


3.The First Years Sole ExpressionsThe First Years Sole Expressions Single Electric Breast Pump is simple to put together and easy to use. Made compact and sleek without compromising on product durability, the breast pump is easy to bring in its own stylish tote for discrete, hassle-free travel. It is designed to enable you to breastfeed your child longer even when you have to go back to work or leave the house occasionally. The breast pump is a quick and efficient means of expressing milk on the go. It is also designed to operate quietly so only you will know you’re pumping. The First Years Sole Expressions Single Electric Breast Pump comes with a comfortable flexi-fit breast shield that ensures a soft, proper fit for comfortable pumping.

This breast pump is engineered with an efficient quick cycle time so you can get back to work immediately. It boasts 8 adjustable suction or pressure levels that ensure optimum comfort during pumping. The electric or battery operated pump uses 4 separately bought double-A size batteries. The LED display shows you the selected pressure level. This breast pump offers a convenient means of ensuring that your child continues to enjoy the benefits of breastmilk even when you have to be occasionally out of the house.

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