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Bread is one of the most common ingredients found inside the house. It comes in different sizes and shapes and it can contain an array of other things besides flour and yeast. The trouble with bread is that it tends to lose its qualities pretty quick. In order to avoid that and extend the time in which the bread is fresh you will want to invest in a well-designed bread bin. We’ve taken the time to browse the internet and sort thorough pages of user feedback in order to come up with a list of suggestions to help you narrow things down. Our picks are not only based on user feedback but also take into consideration the best bread box reviews both on and offline.


Brabantia 299445 Roll Top Bread Bin


Best bread box reviewIf you are on the market for the best bread box in 2019 you cannot go wrong with the Roll Top Bread Bin by Brabatia. It provides all the space you need to store not one but two loaves of bread. It still manages to remain compact mostly because of its special design which does not require any extra space even when the box is opened. The inside provides proper ventilation while still keeping the bread fresh. The exterior is sleek and durable which is not that common with bred boxes. One other great thing worth mentioning about this product is that it is stain free. It will not retain fingerprints and it will be easily wiped when dirty.

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Polder KTH-916201 Retro


This bread bin is one of the most popular products of its kind. It is a best-selling item which according to the best bread box reviews is the result of years of experience which allowed this company to develop the perfect bread storage unit. It does an excellent job maintaining the inside well aerated through a set of holes placed in the back. It is spacious and has a certain weight to it which makes it feel more stable.. At the same time it feels sturdy and well-made. It will be able to house two loaves of homemade bread but it will not handle two normal loaves of bread bought from the market.

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Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Roll-top


Francois et Mimi’s bread box is stylish yet practical. It is very well-made and discrete. It is rather large but manages to go unnoticed through the kitchen. It can fit two loaves of homemade bread and it can extend the life of that bread by a couple of days. It is a durable kitchen item which offers great value for money. Some people who have had this product for a while say it could easily be the best bread box in 2019. There are no actual downsides to it unless you consider the price tag a bit too high. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this product does nothing. It actually prevents the bread from getting ruined.

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Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper


This is praised by most of the top rated bread box reviews we’ve read. It may not look spectacular but it can do a really great job at keeping bread fresh. It is compact which makes it perfect for small kitchens. It can hold up a large loaf of bread which will easily be sliced by using the included bread board. The entire bread bin is washable so you will not have to worry about it becoming dirty. The Adjustable bread keeper by Progressive international comes with an adjustable venting system which is great if you want to control the amount of air getting into the box.

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Brushed Stainless Steel Rolltop


If you are looking to invest in a product which serves a single purpose, but manages to look great while doing so, you should consider buying the Brushed Stainless Steel Rolltop by Imperial home. This bread bin feels amazing and it offers excellent results because of its dark interior it will manage to maintain bread and pastry fresh for a couple of hours or even days longer. Made out of stainless steel, it will go perfect with a modern minimalistic kitchen. It does not take up too much space but it is ready to take in two loaves of bread without any problem.

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