Best Bowling shoes reviews


Most people tend to practice a certain kind of sport in their spare time and one of the most popular choices is bowling which is not too expensive to practice and being extremely fun once you get the hang of it. Once you get more and more involved in the game you will feel the need to get your own bowling shoes. Based on the best bowling shoes reviews our team of specialists have selected the most reliable pairs which surely you will feel comfortable in.


Top bowling shoes in 2019



Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes


Best Bowling shoes reviewsThe Dexter Jack is exactly what you need for your feet to feel extremely comfortable when you are bowling for that high score. The upper is made out of synthetic material which is durable and comfortable as well because it is man-made, plus soft to the touch. The black and white design looks neat on any person so you will have a pleasant aspect as well with them on. All of these features and more make it one of the best bowling shoes in 2019.

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Dexter Zig Zag Bowling Shoes


A pair of bowling shoes that not only has a high comfort level but which also has a very nice design is the Dexter Zig Zag model. The best bowling shoes reviews on the other hand praise the upper which has been carefully made manually so it will feel very soft while you are wearing them. For an even higher comfort level it has even its tongue padded and its heel collar as well. The rubber which is used in the construction of its outsole won’t leave any marks, proving that it is of high quality.

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Dexter Ana Bowling Shoes


Women bowlers simply adore the Dexter Ana bowling shoe which has a very good and comfortable construction, plus an eye-catching design. The stripped pattern makes this pair one of the best bowling shoes in 2019. The fact that its upper is man-made certainly adds to its reputation and its total score as well. The outsole is made to glide across the bowling surface so you can prepare yourself perfectly for your shot, hitting a strike as often as possible.

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Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes


The Dexter Turbo II bowling shoes offer you a great comfort level at a very affordable price which makes it very popular among amateur bowlers. Immediately as you step on to the bowling alley you will feel the stability that is provided by its classic rubber sole which is also durable. And to add to the sole’s quality its slides are made from microfiber. The upper is padded on the inside so you will feel no discomfort making the top bowling shoes reviews appreciate its features even more.

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Brunswick Men’s Cruiser Bowling Shoes


Leather is the main material used in the making of the Brunswick men’s Cruiser bowling shoes which offers them style and durability. It may come to your surprise but the upper is man-made and on the inside is padded and soft so your feet feel extremely comfortable while you are out bowling. The sole has a standard design and is made out of non-marking rubber also having the distinct raised heel so common for almost any bowling shoe. Bowlers have given them very high marks in their customer reports.

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