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Top booster car seats in 2019


Safety is essential during any drive, long or short, for your children. This is why parents across the US are now trying to identify the best ways to protect the little ones in the event of a disturbing crash incident. One of the most important safety features that a car has to have is the booster car seat. Getting informed from the present best booster car seats reviews represents an important step in identifying the most efficient model. With a high quality booster car seat the child is protected, and kept out of harm’s way. This is why you should invest in upgrading your car’s infant safety features.


Graco Backless Turbo


Best Booster Car Seats reviewsGraco is America’s number 1 child safety manufacturer, and the Backless Turbo booster car seat reunites comfort, high safety standards and also efficiency. This booster car seat will help you to safely transport your children from the ages of 4 to 10, with 40 to 100 pounds and tall by up to 57”. These are the basic security requirements that this booster needs to be fulfilled in order for the little one to be kept safe. You should know that this model was tested in various crash situations and managed to meet and even exceed the current US safety standards, thus keeping concerned parents worry-free.

“I knew Graco made some wonderful baby car seats so I got the backless booster from them and my child likes it very much because it is very comfortable for him. I saw its crash test score and I am very impressed by it. My opinion about it is that it is a very safe and reliable booser.” Linda Bells

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Graco Highback


The best booster car seats reviews, written in the last couple of months and analysing the top models, underline the efficiency of Graco Highback. This comfortable booster car seat accommodates with efficiency children from 30 to 100 pounds, placing them in a safe and secured environment. This powerful 2-in-1 booster can be converted with ease into a backless belt-positioning booster, giving more movement liberty to the little one. As one of the best models out there, it comes as no surprise to see that the product incorporates EPS energy-absorbing foam, padded armrests and also a height customizable headrest for added comfort and security.

“The reason I bought this booster is that it will be with my child for a long time, cause it can transform iteself as my child grows in age. I know from experience that I had to look for one with EPS absorbing foam, because it is both safe and comfortable for the child.” Sandra Collins

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Britax USA Frontier 85


Equipped with a solid 5 point harness system that keeps the child gently attached to the seat, Britax USA Frontier 85 booster car seat upgrades the safety levels of the car. This model is ideal for children by up to 85 pounds or if the booster mode is activated, by up to 120 pounds. Furthermore the booster car seat incorporates True side impact protection system which redistributes the crash forces during an unfortunate crash event while also containing the head, spine and neck of the child aligned, thus diminishing injuries. The product also has patented tether that releases a tether webbing whish adds extra protection to the child.

“My mind was set on the safest booster to buy for my child and I managed to do just that through the Britax USA Frontier booster. It is not only extremely safe but at the same time is comfortable for my child so he enjoys the long car rides.” Robert Cleverly

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Britax USA Parkway SGL


Britax Parkway SGL received high marks and strong recommendations from the latest best booster car seats reviews, making it a reliable safety instrument for your child to use. This high quality booster car seat has an innovative design that keeps the little one safe and secure during any drive. In addition, the booster seat is equipped with True Side Impact protection, SecureGuard anti-submarining system and also the highly acclaimed ISOFLEX Flexible Lower LATCH connection system which manages with more precision the crash forces. It is approved for children from 40 to 120 pounds, providing comfort and a tightly secured bubble.

“This booster is so easy to install in the car, that even I can do it without the help of my husband. I know it will be a part of my child`s life for some time now cause it can hold children up to 120 pounds in weight. I recommend it to other parents!” Britney Kimberly

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Evenflo Chase LX


Combining the latest safety innovations, comfort and visual elegance, Evenflo Chase LX booster car seat will keep the child safe. Designed to accommodate children from 22 to 110 pounds, this product features a high quality headrest design that makes the car’s belt to auto adjust to the user’s height. Furthermore, this booster comes with enhanced side walls and also a reliable head support thus creating a comfortable environment but yet a secure one as well. The sporty format of the car seat appeals to the child, letting him enjoy all that the drive can offer in style and with no discomfort.

“My child loves this booster and I like it as well cause it is not only safe but also has some great accessories like 2 cup holders for drinks and snaks in easy reach of my child. It takes pressure of me driving knowing that my child is in a safe environment.” Vicky Garrison

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