Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy


How to Find the Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy


Having a baby in a few months’ time is a delightful and exciting prospect for first time parents. However, the comfort, health and rest of a pregnant mother, along with her changing body, will need adequate support that can be provided by the best body pillows for pregnancy. A maternity pillow adequately supports the hip and back while keeping them aligned, thereby decreasing the pain that arises from an increasing tummy size and the added weight gain.

As the belly continuously grows during the pregnancy, it can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, but a pregnancy pillow changes things significantly.

Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy

Adequate Support

Hip pain and back pain are the two most common complaints of expectant mothers. Unfortunately, even a sleeping partner can be bothered by all the tossing and turning that the pregnant woman does in sleep. This makes it imperative that the best body pillows for pregnancy be checked out even if the pregnancy is still in its very first stages. The pregnancy pillow should ensure proper alignment of the hips as the expectant mother slumbers, decreasing the pain.

The back, knees and belly should be supported sufficiently. The length is typically 5 or 6 feet long for total body support.



The best body pillows wrap around a pregnant mother’s body for superior support. Generally, these types of pillows are big enough for most users to easily curl up inside.

A C-shaped body pillow hugs both the front and back of the body. It offers extra spinal support. The C shape is uniquely designed to be utilized in a riding position. The base is saddled between the legs while the head nestles on the top. The back is supported through the curve of the C, helping relieve pressure on the spine.

U-shaped maternity pillows are also straddled. The U shape offers support for both sides, making the pillow perfect for people who normally sleep on their back but are no longer able to do so because of a growing belly. Support is focused on the back, head and legs.


Cover and Filling

A pregnant woman’s raging hormones can cause sweaty nights, so a removable cover allows easy washing. A simple slip on cover is convenient and so is a zipped one.

Styrofoam balls are lightweight fillings found in cheaper units. Styrofoam filling easily conforms to your body shape. Polyester fiber is soft and will not make any noise, but be sure the polyester filling gives a good level of firmness. Micro-beads feel like sand but are incredibly lightweight and supportive. They make virtually no noise.

Memory foam follows the shape of the body but goes back to its original shape when the weight is lifted off. Memory foam filling should enable ample air circulation. Natural fillings include kapok, wool and spelt. Pillows with natural filling may have a characteristic smell that goes away when the pillow is aired out a few days before use.


Top Rated Body Pillows for Pregnancy in 2019


Being pregnant is a wondrous experience, but the accompanying body aches and pains can diminish the delight that the expectant mother feels. Fortunately, there are pregnancy pillows that help you handle the situation better. Get a good night’s sleep by making a great choice among the many on the market, or try out any one of these terrific products.


Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


1.Leachco Snoogle TotalDefinitely the best selling maternity pillow on Amazon, the Leachco Snoogle easily replaces multiple pillows in providing support to the neck, tummy, back and hips. Its patented design was meticulously developed by a registered nurse and mother who wanted to have a different kind of pillow for use during her pregnancy period. The result is a maternity pillow that lets expectant moms enjoy support and cuddle comfort minus the unwanted body heat. The Leachco Snuggle offers a full-body solution that pregnant moms can rely on to take the place of a number of pillows just to sleep comfortably. Delivering support to the back, the Snoogle helps prevent sciatica and lower back pain.

Easy to use, this pregnancy pillow tucks between the knees to help relieve or prevent back pain and regulate temperature. It cradles the belly and props the head up to enable easy breathing and prevent heartburn, along with other pregnancy issues. Made from polyester, the Leachco Snoogle comprises a custom pillow that can be taken out for washing. The Leachco Snoogle helps the pregnant lady wake up invigorated and refreshed and can be used as a nursing pillow when the baby is born. It’s a product that ensures a healthy pregnancy with enough rest and sleep for the mom.

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Web Linens C Shaped- Premium Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


2.C ShapedThe C Shaped- Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow helps prevent nasal stuffiness, carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn and sciatica to lessen the health issues experienced by expectant mothers. The pillow comes with a removable zippered pillowcase, which makes it easy to ensure that it remains clean. The special design and shape support a pregnant woman’s belly and back, preventing pain. An expectant mom gets a good night’s sleep by helping her find a comfortable position on the bed. The maternity pillow supports the back and tummy at the same time, eliminating the need to have extra pillows that only crowd the bed.

The two contoured legs of the C-shaped pillow allow you to sleep on your back or on one side at a time. The inner curves are intended to follow the natural contours of the body while helping relieve the additional pressure that a pregnant belly can bring. Sleep with the pillow elevating your head, tucked between your knees, or aligning the hips to help prevent or relieve strain on your joints. The curve of the C-shaped pillow fits nicely under the neck to give you extra support. Even those who are not expecting can use this pillow to help them deal with lower back pain.

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Web Linens Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


3.Oversized Total BodyThe Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow offers a great new way for expectant mothers to sleep comfortably despite a growing belly. It is oversized to accommodate a pregnant mom’s expanding girth, enabling her to comfortably settle into a relaxing position and not have to toss and turn throughout the night. The pillow provides full support from the head, to the neck, hips, back and legs. This total body pregnancy pillow wraps around the body to cradle it in softness and comfort. The 400 thread count feel gives the pillow a luxurious construction. The pillow comes with a zippered cover, enabling easy maintenance and washing.

The Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow features 100% super plush microfiber polyester shell and fill, which ensures reliable support and reduced sagging. Each side is 64 inches and the pillow is 19 inches thick, giving the pregnant mom enough thickness to support her expanding belly. The super soft exterior ensures a comfortable sleep. The Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow cradles the mom all over with extra softness and comfort, helping her breathe easier and suffer less pain and discomfort.

This pillow is also great for people who suffer from lower back pain and who have difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position.

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