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If you’re here just to find the best bocce set and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of data with regard to the best bocce sets on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, the sales figures, as well as what expert review sites have to say about the thousands of units we’ve taken into account. Out of all the products we have looked at, the St. Pierre Official Tournament is the best, as most of the people who have bought it were impressed with the quality of build of the set. What’s more, the balls are made of thermo-set composition resin which considerably adds to the durability of this option. Since this alternative is the top choice for beginners and occasional players, you should consider it if you’re only learning how to play bocce ball. If the St. Pierre Official Tournament is out of stock, you could also consider the Trademark Games Full Size Premium as it is the second best item in the line.


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Buying guide


Buying the best bocce ball set nowadays is quite a daunting task. With so many available options out there, it’s sometimes easy for a prospective buyer to end up feeling just a tad baffling. Fortunately for you, we’re committed to giving out a helping hand to customers who might be struggling with their choices. Check out the following guide to find out all one needs to know about a set before spending his or her money on it. Just remember, your needs and preferences should come first.1.St. Pierre Official


The most affordable alternatives are usually made of plastic or wood. To cut costs, some manufacturers fill the balls with water. In this event, if one gets chipped or partially broken, you really won’t have the convenience of continuing to use it. The smaller and the lighter the balls, the less likely they are to be usable for a significant amount of time. If you’re looking for a unit for sale and aren’t sure of its durability, we’ll put your mind at ease by saying that a very cheap set is indeed a good option for children. On the contrary, high-end products are generally made of thermoset resin. What’s more, they have been weighted, balanced, and adequately sized. The resin in their build has been shown to be impressively long-lasting, which is why these less affordable sets have a higher chance of resisting nicks and dings.




If the bocce balls weigh less than nine hundred grams and are around one hundred and seven millimeters in diameter, it’s safe to say that they won’t be the absolute best in the world. Why’s the weight of a bocce set so relevant? Think of it this way: you won’t be able to balance the ball properly while throwing it, and so you might sacrifice a lot when it comes to the accuracy of play. The heavier the set, the truer the roll. Precision may not be a detail to take into account if you want to use the balls for the beach or when you are in your backyard.




Even though the color may not be so important when starting to prospect the market for a bocce ball set in carrying case, the fact of the matter is that the balls do have lines on the surface and usually come with either two designs or two colors. Some even have four colors, which can help an owner discern between the units. In actuality, the lines and the different tones are used to differentiate one ball from the other. This makes it possible for several individuals to play against each other or simply opt for a one-to-one game.




As previously mentioned, cheaper sets should be considered only for children. Depending on their age, kids might not even come close to understanding the bocce rules when they’ve just started to play. However, since it’s a nice way of spending their time, they’ll soon learn to love it. Even if few manufacturers make a big deal out of designing and building alternatives for seniors, the buyer should also consider the age of the players. Some might be able to move faster than others and thus avoid losing or damaging the balls without being able to do anything about it.2.Trademark Global Bocce

Budget and recommendations

While this might not be a feature of the product per se, it is, on occasion, imperative to understand the differences between well-constructed bocce ball sets and cheaper alternatives that might leave you feeling disappointed with their quality. A high-end set usually costs more than seventy-five dollars, and so you have to determine whether or not you’re prepared to spend that much on such a product. Some of the highest prices are close to one hundred and forty, and if you’re wondering how these products have come to cost that much, you need to consider that they are built with very high quality materials. Economical sets can be bought for as little as forty dollars, which, once again, means that you’ll need to assess your needs and even frequency of play so that you understand if you’ll use the set often or not.

During your buying journey, you should invest some time in reading several reviews. Other owners can let you know what to expect regarding the durability and even the feel of the balls in their hands. It goes without saying that, should you go to a store and find out a set that’s convenient for your needs, you may later on purchase it online. Some of the best bocce sets are showcased below.



Top Bocce Sets in 2019


Bocce ball may not be as popular a game as basketball or volleyball but it is definitely a fun and challenging game for those who wish to have the most fun at the beach or even at picnic parks. Bocce balls are smaller and it comes in sets. The quality of a Bocce ball is determined by its weight, construction, and the type of material used for its creation. The budget sets for Bocce balls usually ranges from $40 to $60, while the higher-end ball sets cost up to $140. For those who are into serious Bocce ball game playing, heavier and more durable balls are recommended. However, for those who are going for a fun and interactive family game, lighter sets would be better. Choosing a Bocce ball set can be tough, but not as much if one knows where to find the best ones. The best Bocce set reviews is a good place to look for highly recommended ball sets. Our team has dedicated our services to make the search easier for those who don’t have the luxury of time to go through every customer review.



St. Pierre Official Tournament


Best Bocce Set ReviewsMajority of the customers who posted in the best bocce set reviews were impressed with the quality and construction of the St. Pierre official tournament bocce set. The balls are 107 mm in diameter and are made of thermo-set composition resin. They look great and have a really nice feel when held. There are nine balls all  in all – 4 dark green, 4 burgundy, and one yellow ball with 57 mm diameter. This is the ideal bocce set for occasional backyard players.




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Trademark Games Full Size Premium Bocce Set


The quality of the Trademark Games Full size premium bocce set is almost the same as the standard tournament bocce balls. The balls are made of poly-resin composite material, which are very durable and have a nice feel and weight to it. There are 8 balls – 4 dark red and 4 dark green, with 1 Pallino. The set comes in a sturdy and well-constructed bag that is easy to carry around. Aside from its impressive tournament quality, what makes the Trademark Games premium bocce set the best bocce set in 2019 is its incredibly affordable price.




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GoSports Backyard Bocce Set


1.GoSports Backyard Bocce

It would have been close to impossible to avoid considering this model when doing our research as it is among the most cost-efficient ones we’ve discovered. The set is composed of eight high-gloss balls of which the design has been specially developed so that players don’t get them mixed up among one another. This is a 4-color set that includes a pallino, case, and a measuring rope, just to make playing fun and as easy as pie. The balls are made of resin, which automatically puts them above the quality of wooden or plastic alternatives. Most of the people who reviewed the product on Amazon were impressed with the value it offers.




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Park & Sun BB-109 Bocce Pro Set


The tournament quality of the Park & Sun BB-109 Bocce Pro Set makes it the best bocce set in 2019. There are 8 phenolic ground balls that come with this set, each of which has 109mm diameter. The set is completed by a 60mm Pallino. The whole set of balls and distance marker is stored in a carrying bag. This bocce set is very affordable but it doesn’t have the low quality and lightweight construction of lower end bocce items.




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Triumph Sports USA Bocce Set


According to the top bocce set reviews, the price says one thing about the product but it doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality. The Triumph Sports USA Bocce set, for example, is one of the most affordable bocce sets on the market yet it exhibits quality that of tournament quality bocce balls. The balls come in 100mm diameter and they have just the right weight for a decent bocce game. The set pieces are easily maintained and they come with a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.




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DMI Sports Expert Bocce Ball Set


The DMI Sports expert Bocce Ball set is a new item on the market and it sets out to impress all the customers with its tournament quality construction. The balls are 107mm in diameter and are made of high quality durable material. The size is close to regulation standards, however, it has a lighter feel to it. The balls are colored dark red and dark green, with one bright yellow pallino. All of these come in a carrying bag that allows easy storage and transport of the bocce balls along with putter and drivers.




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