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Top BMX bikes in 2019


Fun, adventure and excitement come in different intensities in us all, leaving no room for boredom to appear. To this end, millions of people seem to love pedaling away on various mountain trails and hikes, taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer. Still, some terrains are rougher than others, and the bike used needs to be a BMX one. It’s important to read some of the best BMX bikes reviews in order to identify the one suited to your own requirements, and thus expand the whole experience. With a sturdy and high quality BMX bike you will be able to enjoy the adventurous path without any restrictions whatsoever.


Kink Curb 2019


Best BMX Bikes reviewsAre you searching for a high quality BMX bike? Well, if you are then you should try Kink Curb 2019 BMX bike, a model used with confidence by thousands of American boys and girls. The bike has 20” TT Curb frame, completed by a 100% Hi-Ten Kink Vote II Fork and also a solid Hi-Ten which keeps the ride stabile and comfortable. The model comes equipped with Mission Kingston Combo Seat and also a Mission 3/8” Front hub mission 14 mm Cassette hub, which delivers a solid feeling of sturdiness and force as you ride on any type of terrain.

“I have a thing for BMX style bikes and this is why I bought the Kink Curb 2019 for myself. I love the way riding it feels, plus everythnig about it is of such high quality, like the solid frame, the nice design, the wide fork, the comfortable seat and I can go on and on.” Ben Lawrence

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Kink Gap 2019


According to the present best BMX bikes reviews, written by satisfied riders and also technicians, it seeks that Kink Gap 2019 model represents a great investment. With a superb design, this BMX bike has a solid construction, which allows you to tackle virtually anything such as dirt trails, street obstacles and even ramps. This powerful bike has constructed with a chrome headtube, a solid top and down-tube so you won’t have any problems while running from one place to another. The model comes in three vibrant color designs thus applying itself to your personality and adventurous needs, irrespective of the destination.

“The Kink Gap 2019 BMX is the perfect bike for me and this is why I went all out to have it. For me I ordered the all black model and when I take it for a ride it just feels so right. I know my bit of tricks and the bike is well balanced through them, making them feel so easy to do.” Jake Walters

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Framed Verdict


If you want a BMX bike in order to fully tear up the streets and enjoy yourself, while leaving dust trails behind you then you need to consider using Verdict from Framed BMX, a model that seems to gain more and more satisfied customers with each passing month. With a solid construction, this great looking bike combines efficiency with force, in a stylish manner. This pro efficient bike has a rear wheel of 9t cassette 14 mm hub and also a solid 27t sprocket that manages to stay out during all types of riding options. You will enjoy the benefit of full liberty every time you hit the road, which is what any amateur or pro rider really wants.

“I bought this BMX bike from Framed Verdict because I saw it in a bike shop and it looked very cool. I like the fact that its weight distribution is very good, being just super for doing all kind of tricks. The price is also very accessible so I don’t see no reason why not to have it.” Chris Portman

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Eastern Bikes Warlock 2019


Searching for a powerful BMX bike can be pretty difficult, given the wide array of models present on the market. Yet, as most of the current best BMX bikes reviews underlined, there are some capable of delivering the maximum kick during any ride. Eastern Bikes Warlock 2019 BMX bike is one of the models that can be used with confidence on any road, helping you display your skills and physical force. The model has a fully sealed integrated headset, which is extremely lightweight while the durable material prolongs the bike’s lifespan and fluid functionality. Furthermore, the bike comes packed with a solid 4130 chromoly fork that makes it even stronger.

“I have this model for myself and I am very pleased with how it feels and how it performs in general. The bike is light but at the same time very durable, because I have taken a couple of falls while trying some tricks and always I ended up worst than the bike.” Rick Jordan

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Eastern Bikes Mothra


The world awaits your bike trails to linger on the pavement of streets. With Eastern Bikes Mothra BMX bike you will be able to ride hard and without worrying about dealing with problems of any kind, or restrictions for that matter. This pro efficient BMX bike comes with a full 4130 chromoly frame, accompanied by a solid hydro formed down tube and also completely sealed hubs, with an powerful double-wall U-shaped rims rear and front, which will impresses your friends. This is the BMX bike that will enhance your riding skill and pave the way for delightful new attentions.

“For me this is the perfect BMX bike with its excellent look and chromoly frame. At the same time it is very comfortable and I can’t think of one negativ aspect about it. This bike is made to impress and it certainly turns some heads when I roll by on it.” Ryan Henderson

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