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Top Bluetooth Mice in 2019


A lot of people have benefited from the convenience that is brought about by a Bluetooth mouse. It eliminates the hassles that are caused by entangled cables and occupied USB ports. Since it is a very hot computer accessory, many different models for Bluetooth mouse can be found on the market today. For those who wish to find out more about which models have the best performance, here is the compiled list of models that stood out in the best Bluetooth mouse reviews.


What we recommend:


ProductSensor technologyBatteryPriceOur ratingFind more info
HP X4000b Bluetooth Mouse (H3T51AA#ABC)
LaserAA$$$$A+Full review
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse (H3S-00003)
Blue TrackAlkaline$$$BFull review
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
OpticalAlkaline$$$CFull review
TeckNet® BM306 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
OpticalAA$$DFull review


HP X4000b


The best Bluetooth mouse in 2019 with a unique shape is the HP X4000b. It is unlike any other mouse you have seen before. The mouse’s sculpted shape is very ergonomic and undoubtedly comfortable for the hand. The smooth edges and contours allow better mobility for the user and lessen wrist pain which is usually the problem for avid computer users. It is also compatible with mobile devices which have an extra USB port for the receiver. Also, its battery life is about 9 months – which is way longer than standard Bluetooth mouse models  on the market.

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort (H3S-00003)


An ergonomic shape and improved functionality are two important things that a Bluetooth mouse must have – and these characteristics can be found in the Microsoft sculpt comfort mouse H3S-00003. The shape of the mouse determines if it is good for the wrist or not, and this particular mouse model has the contours of an excellent Bluetooth mouse. It is compatible with all Windows devices and can be used without the transceiver. The Blue Track technology allows smooth performance over any kind of surface.

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000


Another excellent product designed by Microsoft is the Wireless mobile mouse 4000. This model is the most popular item on the Bluetooth mouse reviews and is considered as the best Bluetooth mouse in 2019. It offers the signature Microsoft Blue track technology allowing it to perform smoothly on any kind of surface. The battery lasts up to 10 months and there is an indicator that notifies the user when the batteries are running out..

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TeckNet® BM306 Wireless


One of the most interesting units in the budget category is the BM306 Bluetooth Wireless mouse by TeckNet. It can be connected to any PC or mobile device without using a receiver.  It works efficiently with any Bluetooth capable device. It even has options to adjust cursor speed. The shape is convenient an comfortable. For a Bluetooth mouse at its price point, it has a surprisingly long battery life which is about 15 months. Energy is optimized through the Auto Power off mechanism which shuts down the device automatically when not in use.

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AmazonBasics Wireless


The Amazon Basics wireless mouse is a very popular product and it is a well-discussed item in the best wireless mouse reviews on the internet. This Bluetooth mouse uses a nano-receiver to connect the mouse to the computer without cable. Since wireless mouse is powered by batteries, this particular model has a LED indicator that notifies the user when the battery is running out. That way, the mouse don’t have to die unexpectedly in the midst of doing important projects or during a game with friends

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