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Although a cheap two button mouse and regular keyboard can carry out basic functions, imagine how much more fun you can have with the best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. With advanced features that are way out of the ordinary, a great Bluetooth mouse and keyboard set would probably set you afire with plenty to tinker with. Thus, when planning to buy such a type of product, you ought to know what essential elements to look for. There aren’t too many of this type of equipment on the market, and an extra minute spent on reading could ensure a great buy.

A. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

What to look for when buying a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo?



You want the perfect pair that can help make a fashion statement that holds true to your own personality. The best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo should have a sleek and compact look to go with a truly modern functionality. The keyboard should be durable, preferably spill-resistant. Built with quiet, soft-touch keys that provide instant, tactile response, the keyboard should keep up with your work pace.

Both components should have an ergonomic design to maintain the health of your wrists and hands. A built-in and adjustable palm rest on the keyboard is nice. So is a mouse with a comfortable fit. A scroll wheel between the mouse’s two basic buttons enables fast scrolling action, along with click-to-click ease.



A wireless keyboard and mouse offers an amazing working range. Anything less than 30 feet is disappointing. What’s the point of wireless technology if it doesn’t provide total mobility?

In addition, the keyboard should have a battery level indicator, a long battery life, customizable hot keys and one-touch access controls. The best models even come with a tiny LCD screen that shows the time and date, gives access to the calculator and plays music. A mouse with a rechargeable base and on/off switch helps save on battery time. Programmable buttons, a snap-on receiver and laser technology are advanced features.


Mouse Sensitivity

Gaming and image editing require a mouse that offers precise movements. This guarantees that just a small movement can move the cursor the way you want. A cursor that gets stuck just because your movement is too slight is a huge pain. Even the slightest movements should yield significant cursor responses. Medium- to high-end mice offer high sensitivities, measured in dots per inch or DPI. 1200 DPI or higher should be more than enough.


Top Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combos in 2019


Logitech Wireless Combo Mk520


1. Logitech Wireless Combo Mk520This revolutionary combo offers the best that wireless technology can offer in keyboard and mouse sets. The sleek and roomy full-size keyboard comes with a palm rest to enable comfortable typing. You can handle loads of work and still feel good while typing on the concave keys with nicely rounded edges, which let your fingers glide effortlessly from one key to another while making barely any sound. The accompanying Bluetooth Logitech mouse offers hand-friendly precision with its contoured shape and full size.

The mouse has soft rubber grips that aid you in maneuvering the device for accurate and smooth control of the cursor on just about any surface. Have superb connection to your computer coupled with convenience and control that your fingertips can surely appreciate. The mouse has eighteen months battery life and the keyboard offers three years of battery time, so you can go on with your work pace without worrying about fast-draining devices that are a bother to do battery replacements on.

A tiny unifying receiver connects the two devices plus other supported Logitech devices including a number pad. This eliminates tying up your USB ports with more than the usual number of receivers. The receiver stays in your computer, making your mouse and keyboard always handy for use.

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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800


2. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800Offering the freedom and convenience of wireless technology via an affordable keyboard and mouse combo, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is simply the best buy. You can seamlessly control a media computer while being comfortably seated in your couch. You can also stow away the keyboard and mouse conveniently without those clutter-causing wires. Walk about up to 30 feet away and still be assured of a strong signal. Travel with the mouse and your laptop, as the tiny transceiver slips conveniently into the mouse’s bottom for pack-and-go flexibility.

Setting up the two components in the set is fast and easy. Just put the batteries in, plug in the transceiver unit and begin your work. It’s that easy! There’s 2.4 GHz wireless technology working for you, for a reliable connection with virtually zero interference. You will appreciate the easy access hot keys on the keyboard, which allow quick access to frequently utilized tools such as audio and zoom controls through shortcut keys. The shortcut keys also let you use audio controls and the calculator on demand.

The set comes with the best Bluetooth mouse that offers responsive cursor control via advanced 1,000 dots-per-inch tracking. When the battery runs low, the battery life indicator glows red, so you won’t be caught with a dead battery.

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Anker ® CB310 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


3. Anker ® CB310 WirelessThis intelligent duo delivers convenience and comfort to your palm and fingers without compromising on the essential features for each element. The sleek keyboard is built with smooth-moving whisper-quiet keys that are a delight to your fingers. It has independent multimedia and hot keys that ensure that frequently used functions are just a button away. The keyboard has a padded palm rest that takes care of your wrists by cradling them to effectively reduce typing fatigue.

The slim design of the keyboard combines with its optimally angled tilt to ensure a consistently comfortable and ergonomic position for typing. The spill-resistant keyboard handles those unplanned beverage or coffee spills so you can handle work while saving time on coffee breaks. When you have to engage in other things midway through work, the power saving mode goes on after 15 minutes of inactivity, effectively saving on power usage. The two-in-one nano receiver ties the keyboard and mouse together into a single USB port, so there are more ports open for other purposes.

The intelligent optical mouse has three adjustable dots-per-inch settings, so you can customize and track movements in the pace you prefer. Moreover, you can customize the programmable buttons via the downloadable driver according to your needs.

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