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Used to keep protein shakes perfectly mixed, blender bottles are ideal for all those who want a quick nutritious drink right away. While in theory all blender bottles work in the same way, in reality, finding a good, reliable shaker is quite a challenge. In order to make it easy for all those interested, here are the most important aspects to take into account whenever you want to buy a new blender bottle. This article will help you get the most out of your money while saving you a lot of time on your next shaker bottle purchase.

Best Blender Bottle


The main function of a blender bottle is to store and shake any type of health mix. Whether used for mixing water and amino acids or milk and proteins, a blender bottle must be perfectly safe to use even after prolonged exposure to sun or heat. Used in curing plastics, phthalates are one of the most problematic chemicals that cause a wide numbers of health problems. Choosing a safe shaker bottle must be the number one priority for all those who care about their health and well being. Before purchasing a new blender bottle make sure to check if its phthalate free and it does not contain any BPA or other harmful chemicals.



When choosing the right blender bottle you must start by measuring your water or shake intake during your workout session. Big models are able to hold a larger quantity of liquid and they are perfectly suited for static workouts like bench pressing or any other type of strength training. Smaller bottles are lighter and more compact, making them ideal for running or jogging sessions. Whenever buying a new shaker, remember to select the bottle size that perfectly suits your needs.




Used during workouts, running and training sessions, blender bottles must be durable enough to resist rough handling, falling or other mishaps. Aim to get the most solid and well built model and avoid buying frail and fragile bottles that may break in an instant. Besides the bottle, a well-designed and durable cap will keep the liquid from pouring even when the bottle is under pressure. Remember that tough blender bottles can last for years allowing you to save money on the long run.


Extra features


As with many other products, blender bottles may come with additional features that can greatly increase their usefulness and utility. From carrying hooks to volume indicators, any extra feature may come in handy during their usage. When getting a new blender bottle it is best to keep an eye on its product description and select the model that come with the most extra options and features.


Top Rated Blender Bottles in 2019


While reading trough the best Blender bottle reviews we discovered five products that stand out from the crowd. Durable, simple to use and perfectly safe, these models are the ideal choice for all those who want a useful and reliable blender bottle for everyday use. Praised by all, these blender bottles are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor workouts.


BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker


1.BlenderBottle Classic ShakerCreated by the famous BlanderBottle Company, this excellent classic model is one of the most popular shakers available on the market today. With its superb design, the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker rises above competition. Rightfully named the best Blender bottle 2019, this model will give you the perfect shake each time, helping you maximize the efficiency of your workout routine. Using a stainless steel coil ball, this shaker bottle is capable of perfectly mixing any type of protein and shake powder. Ergonomically designed, its durable cap allows the user to hook the blender bottle to any available equipment for an easier transportation.

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BlenderBottle SportMixer


2.BlenderBottle SportMixerAnother steel ball shaker, the BlenderBottle SportMixer is specially designed for active users. With a focus on durability and endurance, this blender bottle can withstand a great deal of abuse without ripping or breaking. Made from extremely tough BPA free plastic, this model offers a high level or resistance and a completely safe liquid storing environment. Used in many food storage containers and baby products, tritan plastic is one of the few types of plastic that are completely free of any harmful chemicals including phthalates and BPA. Durable, safe and convenient, this blender bottle is the best choice for all health conscious and dynamic people.

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BlenderBottle ProStak System


3.BlenderBottle ProStak SystemWith its large capacity and smart modular design, this blender bottle can hold and mix together various powders and pills using a revolutionary system of interlocking storage jars. Innovative and versatile, the BlenderBottle ProStak System offers maximum flexibility to all those who want a precise measure of their shaker mix. Unlike other traditional blender bottles, this model allows the user to accurately measure the quantity of powder before mixing it with the liquid. Perfect for professionals, this system assures that all the required ingredients are perfectly mixed together, allowing it to easily become one of the top rated Blender bottles 2019.

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Blender Bottle Single Sundesa


4.Sundesa Blender BottleWith a clear focus on simplicity and efficiency, this affordable blender bottle is one of the most used and highly regarded models money can buy. Made from semi-transparent BPA free plastic, this extremely comfortable bottle delivers a perfect mix each time. Solid and durable, the Sundesa is loved by all its users for its simple design and comfortable use. Unlike more complex blender bottles that try hard to add more features, this model keeps everything as basic as possible, giving its users a straightforward experience. Liked by all, this model is the perfect choice for all those who value efficiency and usefulness above all.

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BlenderBottle Full Color Bottles


5.BlenderBottle Full Color BottlesWhen it comes to versatility, nothing beats this blender bottle series. Praised by all the best Blender bottle reviews, these durable simple to use models are some of the most loved and used shaker bottles today. Helping those who require different liquid storage bottles, the BlenderBottle Full Color models come with different color caps that help the users choose the right drink each time. When it comes to safety, all users can rest assured that all these blender bottles are completely free from BPA and phthalates. Safe and durable, the BlenderBottle Full Color models are some of the most useful and functional blender bottles on sale right now.

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