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There are certain items, such as jewellery, sensitive documents or money which need to be stored in a highly secure place, where strangers can reach them. To this end, we are not surprised to see the growing interest of people for resistant biometric safes, designed to offer a protected place, accessible only by owners or close family. Today, the market offers a wide range of models, which you can take into account but some are better than others. Once you read the current best Biometric Safe reviews, you will be able to discover the right product for your needs and ultimately protect valuable things with ease.


Barska Top Opening


Best Biometric Safe reviewsLooking at current testimonials and product descriptions, it seems that a top Biometric Safe in 2019 comes from Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe. This powerful safe ensures that anything you place inside is kept safe from third parties and burglars. It features an advanced fingerprint control system that can store by up to 30 users, without any problems whatsoever. The safe comes with 2 solid steel locking bolts and also a precise motorized deadbolt lock which maintains the safe solid. The inner dimensions of the safe are as follows: 14.5 by 11 by 2.5 inches, more than enough space to place various items.

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Barska AX11224


Out of the many biometric safes available on the market it seems that you should learn more things about AX11224 from Barska. Regarded as one of the best Biometric Safe in 2019, this model is compact, safe and uses a unique fingerprint pad which recognizes only your fingerprint. As you know, fingerprint recognition ensures that you won’t have to worry about keys or remembering complex combinations. All you need to do is place your finger on the pad and enjoy instant access to your most valuable things. This biometric safe is one of the most efficient security safes which can use, operating at highest levels of security.

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Viking Security Safe VS-25BM


It is important to make sure that your most valuable possessions are kept safe in case of a burglar prowling around the house. According to present technical reports it seems you can opt for VS-25BM from Viking Security. This powerful biometric safe comes with a quick-sensing biometric reader which takes less than 1 second in order to read the respective fingerprint. Furthermore the programing is very easy, with a black powder-coated finish. This model has heavy gauge steel, present on all sides of the respective construction. It can also store by up to 100 fingerprints which expands the security levels.

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Stack-On PS-10-B


Every home should come equipped with a powerful biometric safe, capable of keeping secure sensitive items such as money, passports, jewellery or other documents. According to the best Biometric Safe reviews it seems you should pay more attention to PS-10-B from Stack-On. This carefully designed safe comes with a biometric lock which can be easily programmed in order to accept by up to 32 fingerprints. This particular function delivers better security and fast access to the contents of the safe with no problems. It comes with an electronic lock and has solid steel and pry resistant door, completed by 2 steel live action and also locking bolts.

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Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock


One of the best Biometric Safe in 2019 comes from PDS-500 from Stack-On, a model very popular for people that own guns. This high quality safe was designed with durable materials which provide heightened security. You can use the safe in order to place in a secure environment pistols, valuable items and ammo and don’t worry about them ever again. With solid steel and pry resistant plate steel doors, this safe has concealed hinges for better security. It features an electronic lock that can be easily programmed, without dealing problems of any kind. Furthermore the safe comes with a special time out after 3 failed combinations.

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