Best Belly Dance Costume Reviews


Top Belly Dance Costumes in 2019


Over the years, women have found and created different ways to trim and maintain their figures in a more desirable shape. One of these ways is belly dancing. More and more women are becoming interested in trying belly dancing as a means of becoming fit and keeping that shape. Aside from a physical fitness routine, it has also become a very effective stress reliever. In belly dancing, one does not only practice the art, they should also observe the fashion. Belly dance costumes are delicate pieces of clothing. There is a standard style, but variations exist to provide different options. Finding the most stylish and comfortable costume can be quite hard. There are popular items in the best belly dance costume reviews, which our team has compiled to narrow down the search and make it easier for buyers to find the best.


Belly Dancer Bra Top And Skirt


This entire belly dancing costume costs way more than the other items in this list but it do look ravishing when worn. The colors black and gold are really a sexy and attractive combination. The fabric is smooth and has a really nice feel to it. Every decoration for the costume is attached in the right place. The skirt and belt are elastic, providing a nice and secure fit. The bra has a somewhat smaller cup. All in all, it is a very stunning belly dancing costume with great quality.

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Miss Belly Dance Set


The Miss Belly Dance Women’s belly dancer costume set has a stunning look that makes it an amazing Halloween costume, and the durability required for a belly dancing dress. The price may say one thing about the costume’s quality, but it actually deserves to be sold at twice its original price. The fabric feels great and the belt in the skirt is elastic enough to fit a larger range of women’s waistline. The beads do not come off easily, unlike most of the other costumes at this price point.

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BellyLady Belly Dance Three-layer Chiffon Hemming Skirt


For those who are looking for an excellent belly dancing costume but is on a tight budget, the BellyLady Belly Dance Three-layer Chiffon Hemming Skirt is definitely worth a try. The fabric feels really nice and all the beads and sequins are attached in the right places. It even has an artistic sequin design in the front skirt. Every piece of it is well-sewn and the dress fits well. The price is quite unbelievable considering the overall quality of the costume. This is easily the best belly dance costume in 2019.

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BellyLady Belly Dance Sparkling Tribal Harem Pants


This belly dancing costume is one of the cheapest in this list. The price might say one thing about this costume but it is actually worth twice of what it is being sold at. The costume’s design may be a little bit tacky compared to the other dresses but it looks like the traditional belly dancing costume. Unlike the other costumes, this one is a pair of pants and not a skirt. It comes in a lot of color variations for more options.

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Sexy Sheer Blue Harem Girl Set


If the other costumes are quite generous when it comes to the length of its fabric, the Sexy Sheer Blue Harem Girl Belly Dance Costume is somewhat short. It is actually more of a lingerie than a dress. The short skirt barely covers the bikini and is paired with a halter top that is tied in the back. It also comes with a hair dress that makes the entire ensemble complete. It is not a very popular product in the top belly dance costume reviews, but since it is very affordable, it is definitely worth a try.

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