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Top beer kegerators in 2019


Nothing can be more refresing on a hot summer day than a nice cold glass of beer in the company of your good pals. Better yet what about some quality draught beer, now this is something special indeed and you can have this delight in the comfort of your own home if you purchase a beer kegerator. Now seing which one is reliable and which one is not is the tricky part, but if you go over the best beer kegerators reviews I am sure you will find the perfect one for yourself.


Krups and Heineken B100 BeerTender


Best Beer Kegerators reviewsIf you like beer than you are going to absolutely love this Beer kegerator from Krups and Heineken.  The DraughtKeg system was made famous by Heineken and Krups has managed to create an unit which uses this technology. One advatage of this unit is that it can keep beer fresh for up to 30 days so you don`t have to drink one 5 Kg Keg in one go. Also the cooling system is very reliable so you always serve yourself or others nice cold and refreshing beer. Beer drinkers all over the country think this beer tender is one of the best beer kegerators in 2019.

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EdgeStar TBC50S 5-Liter Mini


For home use this beer kegerator from EdgeStar is ideal and you will be able to cool yourself off with some nice and refreshing beer anytime you want it. With it you can bring the pub to your place and in consequence your friends as well. Any 5 liter keg can be mounted to it so you can have your favorite beer whenever you desire it. Parties are much more enjoyable with it making everyone enjoy themselves.

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Brookstone KRS2100 Kegorator


Owning the Brookstone KRS2100 means that you can practically start your own pub, because it has the performances that you normally would find in one.  It can hold a ½ barrel keg, a ¼ one or 5 gallon D system kegs of which kind of beer you like. The thermostat lets you control the temperature of the beer as you like best, not too cold but not warm either. Because it has casters you will be able to take it from one place to the other easily. The best beer kegerators reviews highly recommend the KRS2100.

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Danby DKC5811 Stainless


Another kegerator you can get for your home is the Danby DKC5811 which can serve you cold beer at any hour of day or night. The design of it is very nice and the casters enhance its mobility so you can get it easily from one room to the next. You can even transform it into a refrigerator when needed and the advantages keep on coming. On its top you will have a drip tray as well which is easily cleaned so you don`t make a mess of things.

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Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150


The top beer kegerators reviews have been blown away by the capabilities of the Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 kegerator. It is compatible with a lot of different beer kegs so you can turn your house into a pub for you and your friends.  Plus for parties it is excellent as well making the mood even better with nice and cold beer. With its help the temperature of your beer will be just right keeping you cool on those really hot summer days.

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