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How to Select the Best Bedwetting Alarm


Proven by research to be quite effective when used correctly, the products featured in the best bedwetting alarm reviews can help train a child to hold it in or empty their bladder in the toilet. While several factors such as greater nocturnal urine production, constipation, small bladder capacity and others can contribute to bedwetting, a bedwetting alarm can teach the child’s brain what needs to be done when the bladder is full. To make sure your child can maximize this kind of device, these elements should be integrated in the unit.

Best Bedwetting alarm

Convenience for User

When deciding on an enuresis alarm from the best bedwetting alarm reviews, you need to determine what particular placement method your child is comfortable with. Some devices fasten to any pair of underwear, while others come with their own exclusive underwear. Some kids may be more comfortable using their own briefs, though there are others who do fine with underwear that has a built-in sensor. For the latter type, placement is not an issue.

For users who are okay to lie on the sensor instead of having it on, a pad type alarm can be a good option.


Alarm Unit

Wireless or bedside top rated bedwetting alarms 2019 have the sound coming from a separate unit away from the sleeper. Wearable models have the alarm unit clipped to the shoulder. Plenty of users choose to place the sound or alarm unit near the ear, but there are those who prefer to hear the sound not quite so close.

Wearable models offer vibrate function as well as sound emission. The vibrate feature would serve much like a gentle shake to the shoulder to rouse the user. A lot of children find the extra sensory stimulation to be helpful at making their response timelier.


Switch-off Mechanism

Stopping the alarm after it is triggered can be achieved in different ways. Models equipped with a two-step switch-off require that the sensor be removed from wetness prior to pressing the reset button. This type is effective for active or restless sleepers who might pull off the sensor accidentally without being buzzed awake. Wireless models require the user to get out of bed to switch the sound off, which is ideal for deep sleepers.


Alarm Volume

Volume or sound intensity is handled by various alarm models in a variety of ways. The best bedwetting alarm 2019 of the wireless type typically offers manual control of volume. A wearable unit can sound off at the same intensity every time. In majority of settings, the parent and child will respond when volume is at the highest level.


Top Bedwetting Alarms in 2019


Training your child about the appropriate response to a full bladder can some time and plenty of patience, but with a quality bedwetting alarm, the effort can be significantly reduced. To bag a premium enuresis alarm, be prepared to check out several different models so you can get value for money. If the research you have to do overwhelms you, we suggest getting any one of these three products that should prove to be pretty effective for your purpose.



Malem Ultimate


Best Bedwetting alarmUsable for boys and girls, the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm is equipped with Malem’s Advanced Easy-Clip Sensor Technology. This feature comprises the Secure Grip and Quick Detect components. Thanks to Secure Grip, the clip-on sensor easily attaches to cotton underwear, but unlike lower quality brands that use taped-on sensors, the Secure Grip element locks the sensor in place so it won’t fall off or become dislodged with movement of the user. Improper fastening of the sensor will cause the Secure Grip component to alert the user, as well. On the other hand, the Quick Detect feature makes the alarm sense the first drop of moisture.

The unit’s rapid detection of urine enables the child to be quickly buzzed with the alarm. This state-of-the-art Sensor Technology has undergone years of testing and fine-tuning to ensure that it can deliver timely and fast feedback combining light, sound and vibration to rouse the child for prompt voiding of the bladder in the toilet. On top of that, the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm also comes with a free Smartphone app, which enables parents to get essential tips, access videos and FAQs that can help achieve success at using the alarm system.

With proper information dissemination, the probability of success in bladder training increases for parents and their children.

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Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis


2.Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis AlarmDesigned to cure bedwetting without medication, the Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm offers the highest value and lowest cost bedwetting solution on the market. Equipped with five loud variable alarms, the Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm is designed not to get your child used to a specific alarm sound, which results in the impulse to simply ignore the alarm system. This bedwetting alarm system is geared with the loudest possible sound to alert the user without causing potential damage to the ears. The audible alarm can be supplemented with the strong vibrating alarm for increased effectiveness.

The wearable system is compact, sleek and easy to use. It comes with no cumbersome tape, dangerous pins or burdensome sewing. The unit ships with the educational “The Complete Bedwetting Book” on CD, a calendar, a sticker reward system plus instructions in six languages for problem-free use anywhere. This doctor-recommended bedwetting alarm system is proven in clinical trials to solve nocturnal enuresis problems in children and deep sleepers in weeks without requiring medication for the user.

The alarm system comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, your assurance of quality and performance. The Health Canada-registered product is FDA-registered and is also ISO 13485 certified and has been CE-certified for safety.

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Dry Buddy FLEX System


3.Dry Buddy FLEX Bedwetting Alarm SystemEquipped to be nothing less than the best full-featured true wireless enuresis alarm, the Dry Buddy FLEX Bedwetting Alarm System is built with advanced technology and conveniences at a pocket-friendly price. The exclusive wireless sensor attaches magnetically to standard cotton underwear or to separately purchased Dry Buddy wetness sensing briefs. The wireless sensor with cap is the only device that attaches to the user’s clothing. The component can be easily and quickly cleaned for re-use and will not damage the garment fabric.

A quick increase in moisture during urination is detected by the sensor while ensuring that false alarms are not tripped due to perspiration. The Dry Buddy FLEX Bedwetting Alarm System 90-foot sensor transmission range is exceptional. The wireless remote control offers convenience and great help. The bedwetting alarm system offers operating flexibility that places the controls at your fingertips. You won’t have to grope in the dark to manually find and switch on the various parts of the alarm system.

Running on a standard 120V AC wall socket, the transceiver unit receives and retransmits the signal from the wetness sensor and the remote. The alarm system can be augmented with other optional transceivers up to 110 feet apart from each other, providing additional alarm locations.

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