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Top Bass Headphones in 2019


Headphones have evolved a lot over the years. Before, they were only used for listening to cool mixed tapes played on walkmans, today they are also being used as fashion accessories as well; which is why style and quality are very important factors to consider. That being said, here are the most discussed items in the best bass headphones reviews that have been rated by consumers.




Best Bass Headphones ReviewsThe VOX AMPHONESBASS active amplifier headphone does not only produce amazing sound quality, it also looks great. It features an AM plug technology that captures the lead tone automatically. The sound production is quite impressive for a headphone. The VOX AmPlug AC30 basics integration is inferior to the AC30 but it allows better tone control, nonetheless. It fits comfortably in the head and the padding is well executed. According to the best bass headphones reviews, buying this unit is a smart choice.

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Sony MDRXB400/GRN Extra Bass Over The Head Driver


Sony is not just a popular name in the electronic gadgetry category; it also produces impressive accessories like the best bass headphones in 2019. The Sony MDRXB400 features a 30mm diaphragm that gives powerful and deep bass sound. It has an excellent frequency range of 5 to 22000 Hz. Aesthetically, the headphone looks pleasing. It is very comfortable to wear because of the ear pad foams that helps relieve the pressure.

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iLuvReF, Deep Bass On-Ear


One of the most attractive-looking headphones available on the market is the iLuvReF Deep Bass On-ear headphones. The Canvas fabric has a subtle and chic look that complements the urban fashion for teens nowadays. Beneath its nice exterior is a titanium diaphragm that allows it to produce rich and deep bass tones. The ear cups have good cushioning and the color is a perfect complement to the white exterior. Without any doubt, the iLuvReF is one of the top bass headphones in 2019.

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iblink BLP3 IblinksBlk


For girls who are not the big-and-flashy-headphones type, the iblink BLP3 headset is a perfect alternative. It is not the best bass headphones in 2019 but, considering its very cheap price, its features are actually impressive. It has very effective noise isolation effect. It produces sound with a decent quality. The lights are actually an exciting touch and it adds style to the headset. It is not really top quality but it is everything that can be expected for its price.

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Marc EckoUnltd EKU-FRC-GLD Force Over-the-Ear


The Marc EckoUnltd over-the-ear headphone is all for style. It looks exactly like what a DJ wears on a gig. These headphones do not only produce amazing sound, it also has noise reduction properties, which is actually better than most of the noise cancelling headphones at its price point. It delivers rich and clear bass tone. It is very comfortable to wear, with properly positioned ear pads. The black and gold style is stunning but is not too flashy like graffiti headphones.





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