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Top Basketballs in 2019


You can check out the best basketball reviews to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product preferably made of leather, rubber or synthetic composite material. It can have the smallest size (size 5), for players up to age 11. Size 6 basketballs are perfect for players ages 12 to 15 and women, while the largest size (size 7) is designed for players ages 16 and over.


Wilson Evolution Game Ball


Measuring 28 ½ inches and made of composite material, the Wilson Evolution Game Ball Basketball is the perfect size for intermediate players and women. The best basketball reviews praise it for its revolutionary Cushion Core Technology that integrates low-density sponge and butyl rubber to ensure dependable durability. The high-definition pebble surface gives superior grip, performance and feel on the court and off. The basketball is made using three-ply nylon thread winding and air-tight butyl rubber valve to ensure good bounce and reliable durability. It is constructed of thermal-molded rubber bladder that ensures superior toughness.

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Spalding NBA Zi/O Official-Size Indoor/Outdoor


The Spalding NBA Zi/O Official-Size Indoor/Outdoor Basketball is an official size product made for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s the best basketball in 2019 due to its Zi/O composite leather cover that looks and feels like the original thing. The basketball is constructed with full ball pebbling to ensure a soft yet tacky feel, for easy grip in the hands. It meets the NBA’s strict specifications for products of this type. The Spalding Zi/O basketball is of official NBA weight and measures 29 ½ inches in diameter. It should give you hours of hoop-shooting fun.

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Spalding NBA Street


With its embossed NBA logo and ultra-durable rubber cover, the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is the best basketball in 2019. The product comes with a wide-channel design that ensures excellent grip by players. The basketball won’t slip out easily from the hands as the player executes body fakes and great moves on the court. The basketball is designed to withstand a tough game of street basketball, bouncing off the ground with ease to give limitless hours of great enjoyment. Discover if you’re a Michael Jordan in the making with the tough and durable Spalding NBA Street Basketball.

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Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor


Made with a traditional rubber cover for superior bounce and on-court performance, the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball makes a great gift for the budding basketball superstar. It is of official NBA size and weight, so the young player can have an authentic feel of professional basketball as played by the legends of the game. The basketball is made for outdoor play, built tough to deliver hours of hoop-dunking fun. The ball comes in bright varsity colors and NBA imprint that won’t easily fade with time. Have an energizing court game with friends and family.

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Macgregor Multicolor


Boasting of durable rubber construction, Macgregor Multicolor Basketballs let you enjoy hoop fun with your basketball buddies. The basketballs are available in yellow, red, purple, blue, orange and green, so you can choose your own hues to enjoy the game with. The Macgregor Multicolor Basketball is designed for recreational indoor and outdoor use, built with performance and outstanding durability in mind. The surface of the basketball is designed with pebbling to enable easy grip and superior handling. Get the Macgregor Multicolor Basketballs for plenty of on-court fun with friends and family.

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