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Top Baseball Bats in 2019


The best baseball bat reviews recommend getting a product that you are most comfortable swinging with. It is also suggested that one chooses a bat with the perfect balance between lightness and length. The longer the bat, the lighter it should be, ideally. Professional players typically use wood bats, but bats made of alloy (metal and aluminum) and composite materials are also popular.


Our recommendations:


ProductLength (inches)Important featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat
27-327050 Aircraft Alloy for fast swing speed$$$$AAmazon
Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher
29Can be used as competition bat, for batting practice, and even at-home self defense$$BAmazon
Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB 180 Baseball-Bat
32180 Grade White ash$$$CAmazon
Mattingly Sports V-Grip V-Force Baseball Bat
34Mattingly's Patented V-GRIP Technology$$$$$DAmazon



Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth


Engineered for precise bat speed and outstanding field performance, the Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat is raved about in many best baseball bat reviews thanks to its impressive construction using 7050 Aircraft Alloy. Get superior swing speed that’s unlike any other thanks to the light swing weight that still boasts of a great sweet spot for optimum performance at any level of play. The 29/32” handle is made ultra thin for impressive handling, and built with a pro-tack grip that ensures a firm grip by the player. Drive the ball over the fence easily with this great bat.



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Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher


This nearly indestructible bat is surely the best baseball bat in 2019 thanks to its durable polypropylene construction. It is guaranteed not to easily fade, splinter, crack, rot or break due to its strong material. The bat can be used as a competition tool, at-home defense implement or for batting practice. It is 29 inches long and weighs a hefty two pounds and one ounce. The product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, details of which are included with purchase. Swing this bat most assuredly and you can hit the target with ease.



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Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB 180


The Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB 180 Natural Wood Baseball Bat is available in two colors, natural and black, giving you a great choice every time. The bat is made of 180 grade white ash wood, for superior strength and durability. Ash wood is naturally lighter and more flexible, ensuring a massive sweet spot. It has natural resilience against rotting. The product boasts of a turning model and corresponding signatures that are randomly selected (K55, T141, R161, C243, P72 and C271) so you can be sure you’re getting an authentic professional wood bat used in the MLB.



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Not available (models from 2015 or older)


Easton YB14MK MAKO Composite Youth


Incorporating the best of both worlds in terms of lower moment of inertia (MOI) and barrel mass, the Easton YB14MK MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat is the best baseball bat for many satisfied buyers. It optimizes on innovative Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) to provide a huge sweet spot and peerless bat speed. The patented two-piece Connexion technology offers substantial energy transfer from the handle to the bat element for highly-improved feel. The 29/32” ultra-thin composite handle is built with performance-driven diamond grip for superior handling. Easy swinging is assured with the lightweight 21-ounce bat.




Mattingly Sports V-Grip V-Force


Made of tough MB7500 alloy, the Mattingly Sports V-Grip V-Force Baseball Bat lets you swing to your heart’s content while being assured of superior durability. This product combines value and performance via the Direct Power Transfer technology infused in the stiff handle design, which ensures massively energy transfer from the grip to the sweet spot to the target. The unique Locked-and-Loaded End Plug II is an exclusive feature that maximizes trampoline effect so the ball really goes where it should. Enjoy impressive swinging and batting drive with this space-age baseball bat from Mattingly Sports.



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