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Buying the best backpacking stove in 2019 is a tricky thing to do. New and improved models come out every year, and manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, what with the wide variety of units available on the market. We recommend taking some time and analyzing your options before choosing a certain model. Don’t make hasty decisions that you might ultimately regret, and read as many customer reviews as possible.

Best backpacking stove


Camping stoves are great for bringing the comfort of your home to the campsite. However, some models differ from others in terms of size and weight. Backpacking stoves are generally designed with comfort in mind, which means they’ll need to be easy on the user’s back. If, for instance, a hiker has to travel for a long time, the weight of the stove is the primary deciding factor when it comes to buying any unit.


Easiness of use

It goes without saying that enjoying a nice little fire on a rainy evening and some hot soup along with it can’t compare with anything in the world. Therefore, the stove needs to be easy to install and utilize, while also safe enough to be operated by non-technical individuals. Since it’s difficult to figure out just how user-friendly a model can be and manufacturers will say that their unit is the best, we reiterate the importance of reading the reviews of other buyers.


Warranty and recommendations

Most of the top rated backpacking stoves in 2019 are affordable and capable of excellent performance. After all, that’s why they’ve managed to gather the best backpacking stove reviews. Yet some of these units come all the way from Asia and some are produced by shady brands. As a general rule, the more trusted the manufacturer, the fewer the issues you’ll encounter with the stove.

Some companies give a hand out to customers and offer lifetime warranties. It certainly is reassuring if the user knows he or she is able to benefit from warranty and return policies of which the expenses are supported by the manufacturer, not by the customer. If time allows it, users are advised to look for the reviews related to customer support.


Top Backpacking Stoves in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most popular and widely acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of many American and European customers and are known for being dependable, convenient and relatively inexpensive. Check them out below.


CHENBO Portable Collapsible


1. CHENBO Portable Collapsible OutdoorWe’ll start small and present you a camping stove burner instead of an entire unit. If you’ve been looking for a burner for quite some time but could not manage to find a proper model, you might want to have a look at this one. It’s large enough to accommodate frying pans but it is also compact and lightweight at the same time. Thus, it has a small negative impact on the back of the user and its weight can sometimes even be ignored.

The model can be broken down for storage and the pack includes a unique case.

The firepower on this one can be adjusted accurately, on account of an ultra-precision machining of the burner valve. Although it is somewhat small-sized, the unit does a great job at what it is supposed to do. It features a ring of fire design, and this particular characteristic is what makes the fire really focus on the area of your choice. Additionally, this specific design is what takes fuel savings to a whole new level.

There are more than 350 people who were satisfied with the value offered by this product so much so that they provided the best backpacking stove reviews we’ve come across.

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MSR PocketRocket


2.MSR PocketRocket StoveWe’re moving on to the big league now, as this is a fully integrated stove that does wonders for customers. It weighs only 3 oz and fits the size of any user’s palm. With this one, things are as easy as pie, as it requires no maintenance, no pressurizing and no priming. What’s really neat about this model is that it is capable of boiling water in a matter of only 3.5 minutes.

Furthermore, no prospecting buyer needs to worry about safety when it comes to operating this MSR unit. The product comes with glove-friendly controls, which can be used for adjusting the flame according to the needs and preferences of the user, but without any risk of burnt fingers.

The PocketRocket Stove is compact, lightweight and easy to use. As for efficiency, you’ll need an 8-ounce cannister if you want to boil 16 liters of water. We’d say that’s pretty good for an affordable backpacking stove.

The manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty on this item.

Even though it has gathered only 263 reviews, the model has managed to collect over 77% in 5-star ratings. This means that 242 individuals consider that this unit offers good value for the price.

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Dpower Foldable


3.Dpower Foldable Camping StoveWe’ve saved this model for the last, as it is not as lightweight as the previously mentioned MSR one. It weighs 4.8 ounces, which might be an inconvenience for some people but the core weight is actually what makes this unit strong and sturdy. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy altogether, and this combo is known for withstanding high temperature. The low gravity center and the wide base largely contribute to the Dpower stove being safe to use.

The unit has a piezoelectric ceramic ignition and can boil up to 2 pints of water in a little less than 5 minutes. The stove is compatible with a wide variety of butane or butane-propane canisters and Amazon customers can take advantage of the retailer’s offers by purchasing the stove and the canister at the same time and at a fair price.

The manufacturers are offering a 12-month warranty on this item. Yet again, this detail might look like a disadvantage, but when used sensibly, the Dpower stove can last for a long time.

80% of the people who chose this type of camping stove were pleased with what it offered and so they ended up providing 5-star ratings.

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