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Tips for Buying the Best Baby Toothbrush


At around six months of age, you baby starts to get his first tooth. Therefore, you will need to go over the best baby toothbrush reviews to make sure you have the right kind of tool to maintain your baby’s vital oral hygiene. A baby toothbrush works better than a regular washcloth, as it has components that help ensure thorough cleaning.

A. Baby Toothbrush

Age Range and Ease-of-Use

Do take note of the age range that the toothbrush is recommended for. To ensure consistent performance from the tool, do replace it regularly about once every one to three months.

Whatever your choice is among the products mentioned in the best baby toothbrush reviews, make sure it is the right texture for your baby. Your child’s soft and sensitive gums are not yet tough enough for a baby toothbrush with hard bristles. Choose soft or medium bristles instead. The handle should be thick and easy to hold, giving a better grip.


Head and Bristles

Read the best baby toothbrush reviews to obtain information on which models have a small head plus soft nylon bristles. A standard size head will not easily fit into a baby’s small mouth, so pick a toothbrush that will do its job without causing discomfort and problems for your child. A small head ensures easy reach all over your child’s tiny mouth, as well. The bristles should be of soft nylon, which ensures comfortable brushing every time a new tooth bud emerges.

The toothbrush should be replaced with a new one when the bristles start spreading out, which will ensure protection for your child’s delicate gums.



A non-slip cover helps ensure that your baby’s toothbrush will be protected from dust and dirt when not in use. An electric toothbrush may create noise during use, which could startle your child, so use this type at your discretion. In addition, a baby toothbrush featuring your child’s favorite cartoon character can make your child love brushing even more. Or you can choose a toothbrush in your baby’s favorite color. Stickers that can be used to personalize the best baby toothbrush 2019 are fun and exciting. The stick ons can be letters, fun shapes and other designs.


Top Baby Toothbrushes in 2019


For good oral cleaning habit formation, you will need the products featured in the best baby toothbrush reviews to help baby enjoy a genuinely effective teeth cleaning experience. Choosing from the many products on the market is not easy. You may have to consult many buying guides, or simply check out the three great products featured in the following paragraphs.



Baby Banana Training


This US-made product is made of high quality materials and is 100% food-grade silicone. It is recommended for infant use by Pediatric Dentists, ensuring you of safety and effective performance. The training toothbrush is phthalate-, latex-, BPA- and toxin-free, and is made long lasting and superbly durable, so it can withstand chewing and biting during use. It doesn’t have to be replaced, as the training toothbrush is made of strong pure silicone.

Aside from encouraging formation of healthy oral cleaning habits from the onset, the Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush is safer than a regular toothbrush. It was developed by a Dental Hygienist who knows about the unique oral cleaning needs of infants. The toothbrush is both freezer- and dishwasher-friendly, enabling easy storage and cleaning. The baby toothbrush deserves mention among the top rated baby toothbrushes 2019 thanks to its massaging bristles that provide teething relief.

The Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush helps develop hand/eye/mouth coordination, while effectively removing food and milk particles that get stuck in between baby’s teeth and on his sensitive gums. It is engineered with stimulating textures and comes with attractive handles that make the toothbrush easy to hold, preventing choking and gagging due to accidental slippage.

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Radius Pure


Undoubtedly the best baby toothbrush 2019, this model from RADIUS is designed with 6,800 high-quality extra-soft bristles, ensuring safe and effective brushing for growing toddlers. Your child will find it easy to form good oral cleaning habits using this comfortable baby toothbrush that features a cushioned bristle pattern to efficiently spread brushing energy consistently all over the teeth and gums, thereby ensuring development of proper brushing techniques even at an early age.

This is a US-made product of superior workmanship and premium quality, built with a BPA- and dye-free handle and bristles, which both offer a most exceptional option to help your child along during teething stages. The smooth, softly tapered handle guarantees maximum easy control for an adult hand or a child’s small grip. The oval head is made without corners to ensure that the toothbrush will not inflict damage to a child’s sensitive and soft mouth in the event of accidental slippage.

Perfect for children ages three months and older, the RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush comes in age-specific designs that cater to the various needs of your growing baby. It is made of FDA-approved materials to ensure baby’s safety at all times. The bristles are made of 100% vegetable-based nylon, and use no toxic synthetic elements in their manufacture.

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Green Sprouts Silicone


Precisely designed with soft bristles that baby will love to chew on, the Green Sprouts Silicone Baby Toothbrush provides a very effective way of teaching baby about effective brushing techniques and to develop good oral cleaning habits. This baby toothbrush has a pacifier-style guard/apron that not only prevents baby from pushing the toothbrush too far into his tiny mouth and gagging himself, but also keeps the bristles off the ground when the toothbrush is accidentally dropped.

The Green Sprouts Silicone Baby Toothbrush is made of silicone-coated polypropylene, ensuring a strong and durable build while offering safe use for your child. This baby toothbrush helps keep baby’s teeth and gums clean and debris-free, ensuring good oral health even at a very young age. This paves the way for growth of healthy adult teeth in the future. This top baby toothbrush is BPA- and nitrosamine-free, ensuring safety for your child.

The toothbrush doubles as a teether that can easily reach your baby’s gums in the back of his mouth. It is proven easy to clean with simple washing after use. The silicone construction makes the toothbrush soft on your growing child’s delicate gums. The Green Sprouts Silicone Baby Toothbrush is built small to easily slide into a baby’s tiny mouth. It’s perfect for training a child to use a regular-size toothbrush.

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