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Top baby playards in 2019


In every new family the prime concern is the wellbeing of the little one and parents go to extensive lengths in order to ensure the very best. During the early years of the baby, safety is essential even during playtime. This is why parents are now trying to identify the most efficient baby playard from the many present on the market. Getting information from the latest best baby playards reviews represents the quickest way to identify the most efficient and secure model. With a high quality baby playard, the little one will play without any restriction in a comfortable and protective environment.


Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go


Best Baby Playards reviewsEvery child delivers the best and Graco Pack ‘n Play baby playard is certainly exactly what you need for the little one. This model delivers a convenient and comfortable environment for the baby to play in. The playard has a durable frame that make is ideal for travel because at a single push of a button it will fold quickly. Specially created with a bassinet, the baby will be comfortable and playing with a big smile on his face every time he is in the playard. Within this source of entertainment, the baby will be safe and without any signs of immediate injuries.

“I want my baby to be happy wherever I go and I know every parent wants the same thing. I bought this playard for this reason exactly. For my child it is extremely fun and safe, plus for me it is extremely easy to set it up and disassemble.” Sarah Kerrison

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Graco Cuddle Cove


If you are searching for a high quality baby playard which provide a comfortable and secured environment then you should take a closer look on Graco Cuddle Cove, a model very popular among young families. The model incorporates a removable rocking seat with easy to hold carrying handles which is ideal for baby fun and excitement. The playard also comes with a vibrating unit which rocks the seat and bassinet which are designed to hold under 15 pounds babies. It is also created out of soft fabrics that gently caress the new-born’s skin thus creating a comfortable and cosy environment.

“I don`t think a playard can be better than this one from Graco, because my little girl can`t get enough of it. And if I add that it is easily dissasembled, I think it can even be a top candidate for the best baby playard which can be bought in this moment.” Helen Cooper

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BabyBjorn Travel


According to the present best baby playards reviews it seems that BabyBjorn Travel model represents a great addition to any young home. If you are travelling with your baby to various destinations, you need a reliable playard that keeps the child safe and secure, while also giving him the opportunity to move. Portable and lightweight, this playard weighs less than 11 pounds and it is very easy to fold and take along. The model has a special compact format which features a firm base with slanting edges. Furthermore the playard has an insulated mattress with a removable and waterproof cover.

“I was searching for a playard for my baby which is portable so I could take it with me almost anywhere and I finally found what I was searching for in the BabyBjorn Travel. I can only be satisfied when I see my baby playing happily.” Fran Scott

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Graco Reversible Napper and Changer


Combining safety, comfort and affordability, Graco Reversible and Changer baby playard manages to meet the child’s basic and specific needs starting from birth and ending with the toddler years. The device has secure attachments which make it safe and easy to transition from napper to changer, allowing parents to have more liberty while taking care of the baby. The playard was designed in order to grow with the baby, coming with a bassinet ideal for babies that weigh less than 15 pounds while the changing room is good for babies weighing not more than 25 pounds. This is the model which can change the way to take care of the little one.

“I like this playard because it was the perfect place for my little one to play and at the same time even take a nap if he was feeling worn out by all the fun activities he had. A smile is always on my son`s face and this is the main reason why I recommend it to others.” Elizabeth White

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Friendly Toys Little Playzone


Most of the current best baby playards reviews underline the efficiency and sturdy construction of Friendly Toys Little Playzone, a model which the little ones seem to truly love. The model was ASTM & CPSC certified that means only one thing: it meets the current US child safety standards. This playard from Friendly Toys offers an impressive 13 square feet of space that can be expanded to an impressive 68 square feet. The playard has a carefully designed electronic Lightub Activity board with various sounds, play house, spinning balls and a realistic pay phone with cool spinning dials.

My daughter absolutely loves this playard with its bright coloring and many fun activities. I particulary like the fact that it is very safe and I know my child won`t get hurt while playing with it. For its excellent value I recommend it to other parents.” Vicky Green

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