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What to Consider When Buying a Baby Bib


If you have a baby, you know very well how messy meal times can be. There is quite a miracle how so little of the food you are trying to feed your little one actually lands inside his little mouth. To avoid any frustration that can accompany meal times, you can get a baby bib or more to protect the baby’s clothes. A good quality bib will save the day and the time you should spend doing the laundry. Before you go shopping for a set of bibs for your little bundle of joy, consider reading the best baby bib reviews as this may save you a lot of time and money.

Best Baby Bib


If the term baby bib instantly makes you think of a small patch of clothing wrapped around the baby’s neck, you are not further from the truth. However, baby products today have come quite a long way, and not even the traditional bib has remained the same. There are different types available, so you need to know which one is the kind of baby bib you want. Drool bibs are small and they are geared for very small babies who are not yet eating solid foods. Standard bibs are exactly what you know from what you have seen so far, while smock style bibs look pretty much like a garment that covers your baby’s arms and belly. Plastic bibs are easy to maintain, while disposable bibs are convenient.


Easy to secure

When you are selecting from the large variety of baby bibs available on the market, you should consult as many of the best baby bib reviews as possible, to see which models are the easiest to secure. Snaps, ties, and hook and loop fasteners are all readily available, you just need to consider which one feels the most convenient for your baby. Remember that the bib should not be too tight, or too loose, as you will either inconvenience your baby or have to deal with the same huge mess later on.


Easy to wash

Seeing that the bib has to handle quite a lot of challenges with each and every meal, it must be easy to wash. Those made of cloth should be machine washable, while plastic bibs should be easy to wipe and to maintain in good shape. Never use dry cleaning for baby bibs, because the chemicals used in this process are harmful for the baby.


Catchall pocket

Although baby bibs are pretty simple and straightforward products, they can have a few features. The most important is a catchall pocket that does not allow bigger chunks of food to land on the floor when they fall from the spoon or your baby’s mouth.


Top Rated Baby Bibs in 2019


Do you want to find out more about the top rated baby bibs 2019? Reading about the following products will help you find a product to your liking. All of them are loved by parents everywhere and they can make meal time a less messy, frustration free experience for everyone.


BabyBjorn Soft


1.BABYBJORN Soft BibMade of a special type of plastic that is completely free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals, the BABYBJORN Soft Bib is your ideal ally whenever you baby sits at the table, waiting to be fed. The fact that it is made of plastic makes caring for the bib really easy, since you only need to wipe it with a cloth, or you can place it in the dishwasher and let the machine do the job.

Because of its particular shape, it manages to catch all the food that slips from the baby’s mouth, limiting the mess that usually occurs with each meal.

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Bumkins S3-G6 Super


2.Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBibThis set of baby bibs is very handy for parents and kids alike. The quirky patterns and colors will make your baby girl start enjoying meal times, and you will also appreciate the easy wipe fabric that is also waterproof.

Made of polyester, the bibs will not get dirty easily, and they will not catch any unpleasant odors. The Velcro closure is adjustable, so your baby does not experience any discomfort during meals. The catchall pocket is very roomy, so even larger chunks of food will be caught and prevented from falling on the floor. The bibs can be safely washed in your washing machine.

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Neat Solutions 10 Pack Drooler Set


3.Neat Solutions 10 Pack Drooler Bib SetWhen you find a good and reliable baby bib, you surely want to have an entire set of them. The Neat Solutions 10 Pack Drooler Bib Set offers you 10 bibs for a great price, so you always have one at your fingertips when your baby starts making a mess.

The quirky design of the bibs makes them stand out, as well, with playful characters and sayings. Made of a combination of cotton and polyester, the bibs are easy to wash and they do a fine job protecting the baby’s clothes. The easy closure contributes to their ease of use.

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Monkey Mo Soft Silicone


4.Soft Silicone Bib By Monkey MoAnother BPA free baby bib you can purchase to make sure that no meal turns into a messy disaster, the Soft Silicone Bib By Monkey Mo is considered by many to be the best baby bib 2019. Made from food grade silicone that is completely safe for your baby, this bib has a nice design that also makes it very functional.

The catchall pocket is designed to prevent food from soiling the floors, and the neck fastener can be adjusted so your baby does not experience any discomfort. It is also worth mentioning that the bib is easy to clean and wash, while being highly resistant to stains.

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Neat Solutions Solid Knit Terry Feeder


5.Neat Solutions 8 Pack Solid Knit Terry Feeder BibIn case you are not a big fan of plastic bibs, or of those made of silicone, like the one above, you can always opt for a set of cloth bibs, such as the Neat Solutions 8 Pack Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib. 8 differently colored bibs are provided in this set, so you will know instantly which ones you used and which are completely clean.

The cloth is dense to prevent food from staining the baby’s clothes beneath, but it is also soft, so you can use it to wipe your baby’s mouth, once the meal is over.

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