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Wheter you are the outdoor type or just like living closer to nature, away from the busy city life you need some certain tools which make your life that much easier. In this category we can integrate a reliable axe for sure, which can help you cut a lot of different things. Knowing how inconvenient a blunt axe is or anyother sharp tool for that matter we propose to you the most reliable axes which are available today, recommended by the best axes reviews.


Gerber Gator Axe II Combo


Best Axes reviewsFor a very affordable price you have the opportunity to buy an excellent axe plus a bluntnose pull saw both excellent for the great outdoors. The heads of both of them are made from high quality staineless steel which means they can resist to anything the elements throw at them, still remaining sharp and rust free. The long gator handle of the ax ensures that the best grip is assured and there is no way it will slip out of your hands. This is one of the best axes in 2019 being a very popular model across the US.

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Gransfors Bruks Small Forrest


The Gransfors Bruks forrest axe is an axe with a classical design which is very reliable and assists you in cutting whatever type of wood you need. The top axes reviews really recommend it for campers because it has a compact size, so this makes it easy to strap to your backpack while you are hiking throught the middle of mother nature. Chopping down wood for a camp fire is much more easier if you have a trusty axe like this by your side.

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Cold Steel Trench Hawk


Not many axes have a high level of quality like the Cold Steel trench hawk axe. A lot of campers have reviewed this axe in a very positive manner because it has proven very useful and thanks to its reduced size it is very easy to carry around. Whether you are using the 3-1/2 inch cutting edge or the wedge-shape spike you won’t be let down by either of them. The polypropylene handle is another great thing about it and the best axes reviews consider it to be one of its best features.

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Cold Steel Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle


There is nothgin like real Ameriacan engineering and this axe proves how reliable our craftsmanship is. This axe from Cold Steel is made for real men, being very sturdy so that no wood proves too much for cutting.  The 6 and a half inch blade is sharp enough to go through anything and manages to help you with various tasks. The American Hickory hadle really adds a nice feeling to it, being very well crafted and polished.

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Fiskars 7884 X27 Super Splitting


If you need a splitting axe for your camping trips there is none better and more popular than the Fiskars 7884 X27 model. The secrets behind the excellent quality work you can do with it are in its head shape and the ergonomical handle. The head shape in combination with the handle maximize the thrust you put behind your axe swing so the wood is split just the way you want it, taking less energy from your part. The non-stick coating for the head allows it not to get stuck  in the wood you are cutting.

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