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Things to Remember When Trying to Buy a Reliable ATV Plow


Getting the best ATV plow blade of 2019 doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. If you start with reading the best ATV plow blade reviews, you just cannot go wrong. It is a great idea to perform a thorough research before picking a model over another one. Reading the honest opinions of other buyers will assist you in making the right call.

Time spent on comparing models is never time wasted. Here’s what you need to know if you want to get one of the top rated ATV plow blades of 2019.

What are your expectations?

The first question you need to ask yourself is the following: What’s the width of your ATV? Choosing the wrong size of a plow blade is the first mistake you might do. Next up, there’s yet another matter to consider. What is the power of your vehicle? While most ATVs come with

For less powerful vehicles, we recommend you get a 50” blade. For vehicles over 450cc, you can opt for a 60” blade. ATV users generally prefer the 50” alternative, irrespective of the performance of their vehicles.

One of the last things to consider is where you’ll be using your ATV plow blade. If you intend on purchasing it for driveways and moderate quantities of snow, you can choose a blade that comes with a smaller radius and more curve. On the other hand, if you intend to use it on open properties, pick a tapered blade.


Type of systems

There are various types of plow systems and you need to pick the one that’s right for you. For example, there’s the manual system, which relies on manpower. With this one, you’ll use the blades via levers or handles.

Winch systems are some kind of a hybrid between the manual and the hydraulic ones. They give users the chance of controlling the height of the blade.

Hydraulic plow blades are the most advanced ones but they are unfortunately also the priciest ones.



Depending on the brand and model, prices of ATV plow blades can vary between a couple hundred of dollars and $800.

After having given some time to researching the topic and after having read the best ATV plow blade reviews out there, we’ve finally made up our mind about three models that are must-haves. These three are top-quality blades and are known to be appreciated by many users all over the world.


 Top ATV Plow Blades in 2019


Extreme Max UNIPLW50


This is a one-piece blade that’s 50” wide, so it works both with more performant vehicles and with less powerful ones. An important detail to keep in mind after you’ve bought this model is that you need to mount it from behind the wheels. Other models might require you to do the same in the front or in the middle, but this isn’t the case with this one.

The Extreme Max model is known among buyers for its ease of installation. It is also among the most durable products of the line, considering the fact that it comes with a black powder-coat. This addition largely contributes to the blade being used for years without buyers seeing any signs of usage whatsoever.

Although it is a little on the pricey side, this model has been named the best ATV plow blade of 2019. In fact, the item has received some of the best ATV plow blade reviews, given the fact that more than 40 people have given it 5-star ratings. Most individuals speak highly of how easy the blade was to assemble.

Some buyers claim that they have been using it for more than 2 years and can see no signs of deterioration.

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Swisher 2645


This Swisher model also comes with a 50-inch blade, making it the perfect choice for all ATVs out there. The blade was manufactured using ⅛ inch steel. It is one of the most resistant products of its line and it’s said to work wonderfully even with sand or gravel.

Installing the blade might be a little tricky for people who do not own a universal mounting kit. However, for users who have gone through the effort of purchasing one, the Swisher model is a breeze. In fact, it can be installed in a matter of seconds and requires the use of no tools.

The product can be shipped only on the territory of the United States of America.

What do real users have to say about this plow blade? Considering the Swisher has received some of the best ATV plow blade reviews, it’s clear that customer feedback has been positive. The same individuals claim that they now only require the extensions for turning it into into a 60-inch blade. Other than that, they seem to be perfectly satisfied with the quality of the product. A various number of people also claim that it is the perfect choice for all-purpose plow and that it comes with a great design.

If you want a sturdy blade, this is the one you need to get.

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WARN 78950


This WARN blade comes in two sizes, which may look unnatural to the eyes of the all-time owner of ATVs. Buyers can opt between the 50-inch and the 54-inch variant, depending on the model of vehicle they own.

The neat thing about this blade is the fact that it is made of 12-gauge steel, which adds up to its durability. The item also features a center cross member, which is responsible for increasing the overall rigidity of the blade. Yet another advantage of choosing this model is the fact that it can be optimized for various weather conditions and for multiple activities, thanks to an adjustable attack angle.

If you’re wondering about warranty, we can set your mind at ease. The item comes with a lifetime warranty, as long as you don’t tamper with any of its parts.

Let’s see what actual customers had to say about the quality and durability of this plow blade. First of all, there are more than 60 people who gave the item 5-star ratings. Secondly, the same individuals claim that it’s truly heavy duty and well made.

With a versatile positioning and a protection against curb damage, it is really difficult to say no to the Warn plow blade model.

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