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How to Buy a Top Ash Vacuum


People go over the best ash vacuum reviews to be able to bag a minimally accessorized device that can remove the ash debris from a barbecue grill, pellet or wood stove, furnace or fireplace without damaging the environment. Since this type of machine is not just an ordinary cleaning tool, the buyer has to know what elements to look for in such a product.

Best Ash Vaccum

Efficient Filter System

The main reason people decide to go over the various products in the best ash vacuum reviews is because they want a machine that can handle what no ordinary vacuum cleaner can. This includes warm dust extraction and cool, dry ash, plus an ability to clean a variety of surfaces. You don’t want dust spewing everywhere and just making it all worse.

Some models are equipped with a fire-resistant, replaceable and washable two-layer filter system that ensures problem-free cleaning and effortless maintenance. With two layers of filtration, those machines protect against fire while filtering fine ash to keep the home safe and clean.

Other models allow cleaning of the filter unit without the need to open the machine. The filter system should be able to capture fine ash as well as coarse debris.


Powerful Performance

Who wouldn’t love the best ash vacuum 2019 outfitted with a powerful motor that won’t give up on the tough cleaning tasks it has to carry out? Good quality machines are equipped with a high-amp motor that can handle fine particulates quite easily without creating a huge ruckus while running. A sound muffling system in some machines ensures quiet operation.

Consumers want powerful cleaning performance with superior suction ability plus long machine life.

You will want the ash vacuum to provide versatile use for pellet stoves, barbecue and coal stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, biofuel stoves, fire pits and outdoor ovens.


Quality Parts

The top rated ash vacuums 2019 ship with a full set of accessories geared to capture dust in confined spaces and ashy corners. Any plastic components should be engineered to be fire resistant, supplemented with a metal canister and hose to keep the home safe. Some models come with a cord and casters that enable versatile use as a regular shop vacuum. They can also be used as a blower.


Top Ash Vacuums in 2019


When winter comes rolling by, fireplaces are ablaze with warming flames to keep the cold at bay. Of course, barbecues are a year-round favorite. What better means to clean up the mess afterward than with an ash vacuum bought after careful evaluation of the many products on the market. If you are not the type to do plenty of reading before any purchase, check out these three fantastic products that can make ash clean-ups less of a hassle.


PowerSmith PAVC101


1.PowerSmith PAVC101The PowerSmith PAVC101 ash vacuum is specifically engineered to clean out fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves and barbecue grills of warm and cool ash. This means you only need to wait a few hours for the hot ash to cool down so you can start cleaning. The filter system is washable and replaceable while being fire-resistant, and also able to filter out really fine dust and ash. The machine keeps flying ash debris from making people with allergies and asthma suffer from attacks after the use of the fireplace and pellet/wood stoves or barbecue grills. This machine offers a secure and easy means of keeping the home safe from fires.

The heat-resistant metal hose and metal canister ensure hassle-free cleaning. Equipped with a quiet and powerful ten-amp motor, the PowerSmith PAVC101 ash vacuum can handle the finest ash. The casters and the 16-foot cord enable use of the machine as a regular shop vacuum. The unit also features a metal nozzle and metal hose that ensure durability for lasting use. The wheeled base simplifies transfer from location to location. The two straight extension wands enable easy reach into tight spaces. The brush and turbo nozzle provide versatile use on different surfaces, for all-around versatility.

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Shop-Vac 4041200


2.Shop-Vac 4041200Specifically engineered to handle wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces, barbecue grills, coal stoves and more, the Shop-Vac 4041200 cleans out cold ashes that can’t be managed by even the most powerful standard vacuum cleaners. The machine boasts HEPA filtration, which works by driving air through a fine mesh to trap harmful particles including dust mites, pollen and other irritants and allergens. Operating at a quiet sound level, the ash vacuum has a large 1.5-inch diameter hose that sucks the ash debris into the stainless steel tank, which ensures long-term use thanks to its resilience against corrosion. The dust tank is also easy to clean.

Outfitted with a by-pass motor, the reliable ash vacuum cleaner picks up really tough messes. It is geared with a thermal protective device to ensure safety for the user. The flexible steel hose has a durable vinyl cover with a metal intake nozzle, ensuring reliable toughness to handle the kind of cleaning the machine has been designed for. Thanks to the two-stage filtration system, the Shop-Vac 4041200 ash vacuum cleaner prevents the discharge of ashes from the exhaust, keeping the collected dirt and dust in. The HEPA cartridge filter stops extra-fine dust from getting dispersed in the air while resisting clogging, for sustained suction power. The kink-free hose and metal attachments optimize use of the machine.

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Dustless Technologies MU405 Cougar


3.Dustless Technologies MU405 CougarUsable with barbecue grills, pellet stoves, fireplaces, biofuel stoves, fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor ovens, the Dustless Technologies MU405 Cougar ash vacuum makes cleaning ashes easy, safe and fast. This American-manufactured machine provides quality craftsmanship and reliable use for removal of warm to cold ashes, eliminating the need for shovels and getting your hands all dirty. The supplied steel nozzle easily fits onto the 5-foot flame-resistant hose to suck in unburned coals while keeping the hose clog-free. The metal hose and canister work well with the fire-resistant plastic components to keep the home safe and give homeowners peace of mind.

The patented fire-resistant two-stage filter system has high density to trap the finest particles of ash most efficiently while ensuring that the captured dust will not easily escape out of the vacuum and back into the room only to contaminate it more. The large-capacity 3-gallon dust tank holds the collected ashes, eliminating the need to repeatedly purchase pricey replacement bags. The lid with motor is quite effortless to detach, facilitating problem-free emptying when filled to capacity. Cleaning the filter can be done without removing the lid. Simply agitate the rod mounted outside the machine and the filter is all cleaned. This enables cleaning of the stove many times before requiring emptying of the large ash canister.

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