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Top angle grinders in 2019


A real handyman takes care of his home’s problems by himself with only the help of his tools, wits and his sheer strenght.  Every man brags about his tool kit and the various power tools he has in his garage or shed. One such indespesable power tool which any  handyman has to have for himself is the angle grinder which can be useful in a multitude of situations. To make sure that you buy for yourself a top one we suggest taking a look at the best angle grinders reviews.


Dewalt D28402K Small Kit


Best Angle Grinders reviewsWith the Dewalt D28402K angle grinder you don’t get just a single power tool but also you get besides it a whole kit of useful accessories for different kinds of jobs. Running at 11,000 RPMs the motor manages to help the tool remove any material you want fast and effortless. Dust won’t get clogged up in the machine because it will get blown out through its air vents which are systematically placed. The top angle grinders reviews also recommend this kit for its excellent quality to price ratio.

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Makita 9557PBX1


For a very affordable price you can get your hands on this model from Makita which is highly regarded by the best angle grinders reviews, thanks to the excellent performances that it offers for a multitude of tasks. Durability is a key feature of this angle grinder because the motor is well taken care of and no debris or dust can alter its performance. Thanks to its rubber side handle you will have a nice and firm grip on it the whole time you work with it.

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Bosch 1380 Slim


Bosch is well known throughout the the power tool industry as a leading manufacturer with so many different successful power tools under its belt. The Bosch 1230 slim angle grinder is no different from the previous description and if a grinder is what your are looking for than you should check this model out really carefully.  The powerful 7.5 amp motor and the great design make out of it a force to be reckoned with. For these reasons and more it is considered one of the best angle grinders in 2019.

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PORTER-CABLE PC18AG Cordless Expansion


Another angle grinder which you could go for and from which you would recieve a lot of quality is this model from Porter-Cable. When it comes to durability few come close to this model, because it has a cast metal gear housing. The side handle is another important aspect that it has and you can set it in 3 different positions depending on what type of work is ahead of you. If we are talking about the price for this angle grinder you will only have to pay a small amount for the quality that you get.

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Hitachi G12SS


If you are looking for a cheap solution for a angle grinder but you still want a nice quality and durability to it than a great suggestion would be the Hitachi G12SS. With this angle grinder you will get one grinding wheel so you can get straight to work immediately after you have got it. But so that you are prepared for many other jobs you need to improve your grinding wheel collection of course. Also the fact that it has a low profile gear case is pretty impressive.

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