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The quality of air in any house is the equivalent of a healthy environment. This is the reason people are trying to find the best ways to clean indoor air and implicitly breathe fresh air without the presence of harmful allergens, debris or even mold. In order to enjoy the benefits of always having fresh air in your home, you have to find an advanced air purifier, from a top and recognized brand. Reading some of the current best air purifiers reviews will help you identify the most efficient model, right to be installed in your home. With a great air purifier you will be able to take in clean and fresh air day after day.


Honeywell HHT-011


Best Air Purifiers reviewsAre you searching for an efficient air purifier that works well and without any hiccups at all? Well, if your answer is yes then Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier should find its way in your home. This compact tabletop air purifier is ideal any room with around 85 square feet which is quite impressive. You should also know that the model incorporates a powerful HEPA filter which the capacity to trap around 99% of mold spores, smoker, dust and also pet dander. It has an optional ionizer that delivers extra cleaning power and an easy to wash pre-filter. At night, the air purifier delivers a soft illumination in order to display its presence.

“I want the air in my home to be as fresh as possible for my family and I. For this I invested in the Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier. It traps every spore, pollen, allergen and so on, making my home environment ideal so everyone is healthy and happy.” Vicky Robson

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Whirlpool AP51030K


Most of the current best air purifiers reviews emphasize on the great functionality of Whirlpool AP51030K, a model present in thousands of American homes. This powerful air purifier can filter with precision air 4.8 times per hour, covering an impressive 500 square feet room, filling it with clean and fresh air. It’s easy to manage because it features user-friendly electronic controls. The device has a quiet operation system, letting you enjoy fresh air without having to be disturbed about ugly noises. This air purifier incorporates a precise HEPA filter that maintains the optimal filtration system, removing with 99.97% of unwanted particles.

“Since I have bought this air purifier the quality of the air in my  home has changed for the better. The area it covers is huge and it doesn’t even consume that much electricity. I recommend this air purifier as an excellent home investment.” Jane Hughes

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Hamilton Beach 04386


Are you searching for a high quality air purifier? If your answer is yes, then Hamilton Beach 0486 air purifier should be present in your home. This high performance device features a high quality HEPA filter that manages to capture around 99% of dander, debris or other airborne particles small as 3 microns, which is quite impressive. It’s compact and with a modern design that maintains a quiet and powerful air cleaning operation, every time you turn it on. Furthermore due to its stunning format the air purifier will certainly blend in the surroundings of your home, with no problems whatsoever.

“The Hamilton Beach 04386 air purifier has some quality features and a really modern design, these being the reasons why I bought it. The quality of the air in my home has changed for the better and even my son can tell the difference so my advice to others is to get  it.” Andrea Bradly

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Five Star Five S FS8088


It’s important to have in your home a high quality air purifier that can improve the quality of the air you breathe. According to the present best air purifier reviews it seems that more and more people have installed in their homes Five Star Five S FS8088, a model that impresses through its fluid functionality and easy to manage system. Modern and quite elegant, this air purifier incorporates the highly efficient Ionic technology. The model uses negative ions and a precise electrostatic dust collector rod in order to reduce the presence of air pollutants that might include smoke, pollen, irritants, pet dander or allergens, in the air you breathe.

“The one thing that I can say about these air purifiers from Five Star is that they really improve the quality of the breathable air in a home. I say this from the experience of owning one such air purifier for more than 6 months.” Rachel Thomas

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Winix PlasmaWave 5300


The PlasmaWave series from Winix are known around the world for their capacity to safely improve the quality of the air in any room. To this end, 5300 model makes no exception delivering an impressive cleaning process that covers around 350 square feet. This model is suitable for large family rooms or bedroom. It incorporates the high quality True HEPA air Cleaner that manages to trap around 99.97% of allergens, pollutants or debris, refreshing the air. This powerful air filter also features a solid Odor control natural carbon Pre-filter that enhances the quality of the air with greater precision.

“For me this purifier has everything I could expect from a top one: it takes proper care of the air in my home, it has Energy Star qualifications and the price for it is very accessible. My home is a better place with it so I must recommend it.” Emily Russell

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