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Top air guns in 2019


Different people have some various hobbies from things like fishing to target practice. For this last hobby you need to invest in a reliable air gun which allows you to have an excellent accuracy so you hit the numerous targets you intend to, moving or standing. But to save you the time from looking at a lot of air guns and checking out their features we have selected for you based on the best air guns reviews the best one which money can buy at this particular moment.


Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump


Best air guns reviewsThe Crosman M4-177 air rifle has a place among the best air guns in 2019 because it is just that good. Crossman has thought of everything when replicating the famous M4 riffel, getting everything right. You can get real accuracy using the rear sights or you can even mount a scope on it for that extra bit of precision. The most impressive thing about it is that it can shoot pellets with an amazing 600 FPS and also BBs with a superior 625 FPS.

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Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante Pellet and BB Revolver


One of the best air revolvers you can possibly find on the market at this point is the Crosman CCP8B2. What this model brings new to the revolver world is the modern touches to its design making it very attractive. But good looks are not its only strong points, it comes with a 10 pellet clip and also with a 6 bb clip, depending on what you prefere. The full metal frame ensures that this revolver is durable as well and makes the top air guns reviews think very highly of it.

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Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW


This air gun is a replica masterpiece produced by a manufacturer based in Germany and we all know the undoubtable quality of german products. Even though it is made from qualtiy materials the air gun has a very low weight of just 2.4 lbs. Also firing with it would mimic very well the real thing with its realistic recoil action. It is semi-automatic as you might guess from its design and manages to shot BBs at a speed of 400 FPS which is really something.

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Gamo Big Cat 1250


If precision is what you are looking for from a air rifle than you shouldn’t look further than the Gamo Big Cat 1250. The best air guns reviews praise it because it is extremely accurate and also it is one of the most popular air guns across the US. The rifle scope with which it comes with has a 4x magnification and also a 32 mm objective, so that you are set up prefectly for your shot. This rifle is not that expensive as some may think and actually has a one year warranty.

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Daisy Mfg 105 Buck Buck Youth Baseball Or Bb


When you want to teach a child the first thing about fire arms the best way to do it is with a fire rifle that is absolutely safe for them and very easy to handle. The one which fits this bill perfectly is the Daisy Mfg Buck Youth air riffle. It has a very nice wooden handle which adds a bit of class to the overall nice design. Don’t think it would actually have a high price range cause it is not the case, the rifle being quite cheap actually.

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