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For various choirs and carpeting projects people need to have by their sides a powerful air compressor, a device that possesses the capacity to convert power into pure kinetic energy by appealing to a simple process: compressing and pressurizing air. This particular compressed air can be released at the user’s choosing. There are many models currently available on the market, which at best slows down the selection process. Still, reading some of the present best air compressors reviews, written by home decorators, handymen and technicians, can help you find the device suited to your day to day project needs.


Porter-Cable C2002-WK


Best Air Compressors reviewsPorter-Cable is well-known around the world for the high quality embedded in the air compressor development. To this extent seeing C2002-WK air compressor among the best models from the industry is no surprise. This portable oil free compressor is equipped with a punch and an induction motor that delivers heightened performance and durability. You can fill tires with more efficiency or if you want to fire a nail with more precision. The device runs at a solid 3.5 SCFM, featuring replaceable brushes. In addition to its sturdy design, the model includes a 120 PSI cut-in pressure and also High-Flo air regulator.

“An air compressor always comes in handy around the house and if you are looking for one than I can recommend Porter-Cable C2002-WK. For my house it is the perfect thing and my car`s tires are always inflated and hard as a rock.” Jack Porter

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Senco PC1010


If you want to use a high quality and efficient air compressor then Senco PC1010 is the model you should consider of using. This lightweight and portable device is very easy to transport everywhere you need to, without any problems whatsoever. The model has 1 horsepower peak making it ideal for a wide array of renovation and also home improvement projects but for also various hobbies and crafts. This particular air compressor from Senco PC1010 can deliver 20 to 44 drives per minute which is quite impressive to say the least. In addition, this air compressor comes with a 1 year warranty.

“I got this air compressor because it is portable and powerful at the same time. Every task I set it to do has been done quickly and in an excellent manner. I didn`t have any complications regarding it and I believe this is a great choice which helps me with almost everything.” Roger Burns

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Porter-Cable C2002


The latest best air compressors reviews underline the fluid functionality and great operating system of Porter-Cable C2002 model, which seems to be very popular among construction builders and firms. Portable and very easy to use, this 150-PSI delivers a high performing assistance whenever you start a crafting job or renovation project around the house. Weighing in only 34 pounds, this air compressor includes the aid of an efficient 120-volt motor that easily starts even in cold weather. You should also know that the device comes with a built-in automatic thermal overload protection during any job, whenever you want.

“I love the powerful motor behind this air compressor which allows it to do any job in no time at all. Another fact which made me buy it was the excellent price for this kind of quality. I find it very useful to have around the house for different jobs.” Bob Armstrong

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Porter-Cable CMB15


Are you looking for a great air compressor that can provide assistance around the house, to tires, nail or pool jobs? If you do, then you should use with confidence Porter-Cable CMB15 air compressor, a device that comes equipped with a 150 psi force and also a reliable 1.5 gal oil-free compressor which operates at 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi. This air compressor includes a water drain valve and also rubber feet for easy usage and transportation, to the place where you need to use the device. It also features a low Amp 120V motor, which allows you to use it in cold weather.

“ Being portable was the main feature I was looking for in a air compressor, because I have to take it with me to do a lot of different jobs. This device right here has excellent performances and at the same time is light enough  for me to carry it anywhere I go.” Nick Johnson

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Campbell Hausfeld FP2028


The majority of the current best air compressor reviews written by specialists in order to provide a meaningful insight on the functionality of Campbell Hausfeld FP2028, a model which seems to impress through quality and working patterns. This device has a user-friendly design that allows you to use it with greater efficiency and without the apparition of technical problems. This air compressor from Campbell Hausfeld is perfect for inflation, stapling, air brushing and also brads nailing. Once you begin using this model you will save time and money, during any of your projects irrespective of their particularities or nature.

“I did a bit of research in order to purchase the right air compressor and after reading a lot of reviews, plus asking some people, I finally decided to get the Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 and after using it for a while, I am very pleased with what I have chosen.” Richard Walter

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