Best Affordable Studio Monitors


How to Select the Best Affordable Studio Monitors


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality studio monitors, if you know what to look for. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best affordable studio monitors that are still capable of producing high quality sound.

Best Affordable Studio Monitors


One of the first aspects to consider it the range of frequency, and you want to make sure that the studio monitors are capable of handling your recordings. The lowest frequency is generally listed in hertz, while the higher one is in kilohertz. To make sure the monitors can reproduce the different frequencies evenly for optimal sound, you will also want to consider the decibels.



The total harmonic distortion (THD) also indicates how accurately the studio monitors can reproduce the recorded sound, and it refers to the level of noise that might cause interference. The best studio monitors have a distortion range of between 0.3 and one percent which will ensure a clear and accurate recording.



You also want to decide on the type of studio monitor and each has its own advantages. Powered monitors are more common and have the advantage of an included amp, while passive models are less expensive. The right studio monitor for you will often depend on your budget.


Most Reliable Affordable Studio Monitors


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the best affordable studio monitors. Able to produce accurate recordings and quality sound, these studio monitors are also priced to fit almost any budget.


JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor


1.JBL LSR305 Studio MonitorNot only is the studio monitor affordably priced, it is also designed to accurately reproduce all of your recordings. Perfect for use in the studio or at home, you will love the inexpensive price and included two year warranty. The compact size of the monitor lets it fit in easily with your other equipment, and since it includes its own external amp all you have to do is simply plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. You can enjoy hearing more detail in your recordings, and easily make adjustments where you need to.

The monitor is also conveniently designed to function in larger rooms, and can produce neutral tones even when the acoustics are bad. The included external amp is designed to produce plenty of power for all of your musical productions, and you will also love how accurate the bass sounds with this studio monitor. Perfect for use in recording studios or your home theater system, you will love how distinct and accurate everything sounds with this monitor.

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Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors


2.Mackie CR3 Studio MonitorsThese compact studio monitors may only be 3 inches tall, but each one is capable of accurately reproducing almost any recorded sound. The modern design looks professional, and its compact size makes it great for use at work or home. Able to sit conveniently on your desk or work station, you can even choose which side the speaker with the control panel sits on.

This pair of studio monitors is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and it also features high quality components for a professional sound. You will also appreciate being able to conveniently turn the power off with a simple press of the button. You will appreciate the ability to listen to a variety of music styles with the wide frequency range. Accurately hear recorded treble and bass sounds, with very little distortion or interference. Perfect for work and play, these studio speakers prove that it is possible to find some that are affordably priced.

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KRK RP5G3-NA Studio Monitor


3.KRK RP5G3-NA Studio MonitorThis powerful monitor is designed to be used in the studio, and is capable of producing high quality recorded sound. It features a compact construction that makes it easy to fit in with the rest of your equipment, and the ability to deliver a range of frequencies. Accurately listen to recorded treble and bass notes, and easily find any spot where you might need to make adjustments. Designed to accurately deliver almost any style of music, this studio monitor is perfect for almost any type of musician.

The woofer will deliver tight bass notes, while the tweeter helps to remove any interference. The lower frequency range also makes it easy to adjust the sound for the specific acoustics in the room. Hear all of your recordings accurately and clearly, and with multiple inputs you can easily connect almost any audio device. Designed for use in the studio, but priced for use at home, you will love how clear and accurate all of your recordings sound with this monitor.

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