Electrolux EL 1030A ErgoRapido Review


Most Appreciated Electrolux Electric Broom



This best electric broom from Electrolux is engineered to be a two-in-one combination machine.

The cleaning machine comes with the needed electric broom accessories for versatile cleaning ability.

The lithium battery is faster charging compared to units with Nickel metal hydride fuel cells.

The ErgoRapido EL 1030A comes with a swivel head.

The cleaning tool is lightweight.



It may be difficult to maneuver the Electrolux EL 1030A ErgoRapido on medium to thick carpet.

The battery can’t be replaced, but only comes with a two-year warranty.

Chunkier and larger debris can’t get picked up, only pushed around.



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Main features explained


This best electric broom is a two-in-one cleaning tool that enables versatile use as a stick and handheld vacuum. It can clean countertops, upholstery and bare floors with ease. It can pick up fine to medium-sized particles and debris on low pile, even carpets or rugs. The ErgoRapido Ion picks up fine to medium-sized dirt and debris on bare floors. You can use the handheld for pulverized larger debris. The brushroll is easy to detach for cleaning, when needed.

The Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion comes with two attachments, namely, a brush and a crevice tool. The attachments can be used for picking up fine dirt. They can be stored away neatly in the charging unit, so there is less chance of getting them misplaced. The semi-transparent dirt container conveniently lets you know when it needs emptying. The charging stand lets you store the unit upright, reducing storage space effectively. The washable cloth filter saves on filter replacement costs. The LED light located on the head lets you see dirt and debris that you might otherwise miss.


At normal speed, the vacuum offers a decent run time of half an hour. The lithium battery takes about 4 to 5 hours to fill up, which is four times faster than other units. The charge stand doubles as a means to store the unit upright for hassle-free storage. The battery enables the stick vacuum to provide up to 50% more power than 12-volt models. The vacuum operates at full power the whole time it’s switched on, compared to other battery-powered units.


Lightweight and sleek, the Electrolux ErgoRapido Ion features a 180-degree swivel head on the floor base. You only have to lightly twist the handle to steer the vacuum head around furniture legs. Hard-to-reach areas such as under sofas get extra illumination with the LED light on the head. Maneuverable and easy to control, the vacuum can stand without sliding thanks to a rubber cliff hanger pad.


At less than three pounds, the ErgoRapido Ion is easy to carry around. As it is both a stick and handheld unit, the EL 1030A conveniently combines two cleaning machines in one, reducing storage space and acquisition costs for two different types of vacuums. You won’t have to huff and puff just to take the vacuum from one area of the house to another.



The Electrolux ErgoRapido EL 1030A reviews praise this two-in-one machine that is capable of picking up debris and dirt on bare floors and low pile carpeting. The swivel head makes it easy to clean around furniture. The washable cloth filter helps you save on replacement costs. The battery offers a decent run time and charges up to 50% faster than other models.


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