BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T Review


What Is the Best Electric Broom from Bissell


1. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum



It’s lightweight

Easy to use around tight spaces

Very large power cord

Dirt cup is very easy to empty



This model is one of the best electric brooms for hard floors, which means that it might not work as well for other kinds of surfaces.

Though it doesn’t come with any electric broom accessories, you don’t have to worry, because it doesn’t need any: it functions perfectly well without them.


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Top features explained


One of the most important things about electric brooms is that they are lighter than regular vacuums. Of course, not all electric brooms are created equally, which is why not all of them are all that light. However, this one is very much so, and this is just  one of the many reasons why we recommend it as the best electric broom from BISSELL. It’s weight will allow you to carry it around much more effortlessly than if you were carrying a regular vacuum. In fact, it will make the entire process of cleaning your place a breeze.

2. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

One of the most frustrating things about vacuums is that while they are great at removing debris from open areas, when it comes to tight spaces, corners, and furniture, their efficiency drops significantly.

Luckily, this won’t be the case with this product. That’s because it was designed to capture dirt very easily along edges. One of the things that helps with this is the swivel head. Thanks to it and to the overall design of the model, you will no longer have any problems cleaning around the legs of your chairs, your table, or any other small space that you’ve had problems with in the past.


When vacuuming, something we’re willing to bet you probably hate is pulling the power cord out by mistake. This can happen very often if you don’t pay attention, and all it does is it makes the process of cleaning the house even more lengthy than it needs to be. No matter how much you like cleaning, there are so many more things out there that you could be doing instead of plugging that vacuum back in time and time again.

The great news is that this electric broom comes with a power cord that’s quite long, which means that you won’t have to deal with the problems we described above.


The final problem people have to deal with when it comes to vacuums or electric brooms is emptying the debris that has accumulated inside. Many models make this process a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be. However, with this one, you will have the easiest time out there, because there are no bags you have to deal with: there’s simply a cup which you can remove, empty, and then place right back.



If you’re looking for an amazing electric broom, this one’s the one for you. Not only does it promise a lot, but many BISSELL PowerEdge Pet 81L2T reviews have talked about how great it is, thus confirming that it stays true to its promises.


Buy from Amazon for ($58.99)



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