Best Waterless Toilets Reviews


Perfectly designed to function in the most adverse conditions away from any water source or sewer system, waterless toilets are the perfect choice for any kind of RV, trailer or cabin. With so many variations available on the market, getting the best waterless toilet for your money may sound like a daunting task. Having proper information before making a purchase can save you a lot of time and money. In order to help you make the best informed decision, we compiled a small list of the most important aspects that define a good waterless toilet.

What to look for when buying waterless toilets?


Size and portability

Used mostly on camping trips, for recreational vehicles and small cabins, good waterless toilets must have a small weight and a compact design. Using light and strong materials, the perfect waterless toilet is both portable and durable. All the best waterless toilets feature a compact frame capable of fitting in most small cabins and trailers. Before making a purchase, make sure to measure the space available inside your cabin or recreation vehicle and compare it to the size of the selected waterless toilet. Make sure to leave some space around the toilet especially required near any cranking levers or waste pipes.



Unlike traditional toilets, waterless toilets must endure a lot of abuse during travel and usage. Whether used in a cabin, a trailer or inside a home, a waterless toilet must deal with all the waste and byproducts without using water, which will increase the corrosion and decay of its internal elements. Look for durable and hardened materials that will allow your toilet to function for years without any additional repairs or replacements.



As with all toilets, the comfort of a waterless toilet must be as high as possible. While not as good as the best toilet from Kohler, a good waterless toilet must have a comfortable seat and a good ergonomic design. The best waterless toilets must be versatile and adaptable, capable of fitting inside the required space while replacing a regular toilet in both functionality and comfort. Finding a good balance between size and comfort will give you the perfect waterless toilet.


Top Waterless Toilets in 2019


Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet


Are you searching for the best waterless toilet? Take a look at our favorite choice. The Nature’s Head Dry waterless toilet is one of the most popular models around. Ergonomically designed, featuring a classic look and a comfortable seat, this toilet will make you forget that you are out camping away from any sewer or fresh water plumbing system.

Extremely easy to install and use, requiring no water or energy to work, this toilet is one of the best toilets of 2019. Technologically advanced, this compact model does not use any kind of storage or water tanks. Separating the liquid waste and decomposing the solid waste, the Nature’s Head Dry has one of the most efficient storage systems of any waterless toilet available today.

Using peat moss as a base for starting the solid waste decomposing, the Nature’s Head Dry naturally breaks down the waste to about a tenth of its original size and weight. Using no harmful chemicals and absolutely no water and electricity, this waterless toilet is a hundred percent environmentally friendly.

Ideal for any kind of remote location where water is scarce and loved by all for its comfort, design and functionality, this product is the best waterless toilet money can buy today.

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Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty


When portability is the deciding factor, the Visa Potty is the ideal choice. Featuring one of the most compact designs, extremely light and simple to transport and install, this toilet is a top pick for any kind of camping, fishing or hiking trips.

Built to last, compact and strong, the Visa Potty will efficiently dispose of all the solid and liquid waste with minimal water consumption. Simple and comfortable to use, this portable toilet can be placed directly on the floor of a cabin or a recreational vehicle without any kind of additional bolting or securing equipment.

The Visa Potty features a deep storage tank capable of storing a huge amount of waste with ease. Preventing any unwanted situations, level indicators keep you informed of the amount of water available for flushing and the level of waste inside the storage tanks. Simple to discard and empty, this portable toilet is one of the easiest and most efficient models you can find today.

Perfect for small rooms, outdoor trips, boats and vehicle usage, the Visa Potty is designed to take a lot of abuse. Praised by all for its portability and durability, this toilet will serve you for years and years.

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Biolet BTS33NE 33 Non-Electric Waterless Toilet


If thinking about living off the grid makes you think about all the comfort you will miss, then you may want to take a closer look at the Biolet BTS33NE 33 waterless toilet. This enhanced model is designed to provide maximum comfort whenever electricity and water are unavailable. Ideal for any kind of cabin or boat, this waterless toilet competes with ease for the title of the most comfortable off grid toilet.

Featuring all the advancements possible in waterless toilet technology, the Biolet BTS33NE is one of the most environmental friendly modern toilets that you can find today. Using advanced biotechnology, this waterless toilet can eliminate up to 90 percent of all solid and liquid waste. Totally ecological, using no chemicals, the resulting waste can be discarded with zero impact on the environment.

A simple to use composting bin system can hold the waste of more than four people. Whenever a compost bin is filled, you can replace it with an empty one and store it outside until it will dispose of all its content. Assuring a continuous environmental friendly waste disposal, the Biolet BTS33NE is one of the most appreciated nature friendly waterless toilets.

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Versatile and efficient a waterless toilet is the ideal choice for any kind of outdoor trip, remote cabin, RV and boat usage. Whether selecting the best of the best, the perfect Nature’s Head Dry or the most compact and portable Visa Potty, you can rest assured that you made the best choice and got yourself a perfect waterless toilet.


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