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What to Consider When Buying a Universal Remote


The best universal remote reviews agree that having one controller for all your devices is simply easier. Not only does it eliminate clutter, but also the confusion you normally experience when you have several remotes controlling individual devices. The best universal remote of 2019 will make it easy to watch, play, and listen to all of your devices without having to search for the right controller, and the helpful tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best one for your entertainment needs.


According to the best universal remote reviews one of the first aspects you will want to consider is the type of controller. The type of remote that will work best for you will often depend on the devices you need to be able to control. If the remote is simply for a television, blue ray player, receivers and other basic entertainment components a multi brand controller will simplify your life.

Other universal remotes include buttons that you can program, which gives you more control over your devices and functions. These “macro” remotes can also be used for automatic control when you are not home. Some of these programmable remotes will also let you set commands for adjusting lighting, along with closing your window coverings.



While many consumers may not consider the design and feel of their controllers important, the best universal remote in 2019 is comfortable to use and hold. Many controllers are now ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the buttons are intuitively placed for easy access. When you are watching the big game, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes away from the screen to adjust the volume or color contrast. This can be especially important is you are taking advantage of the programmable buttons and controlling several devices and functions from one convenient remote.



You will also want to consider what you are comfortable spending on a remote, and this will also affect the number of devices and functions you can control. Some of the higher priced universal remotes feature simplified touch screens that will only display the commands that you currently need, while other models can be programmed to control everything from your lighting to turning on the television before you are even home.

While we can’t chose the right controller for you, we can show you the top rated universal remotes of 2019. Each of these models includes its own advantages and features so you can easily control all of your devices with one convenient remote.


Top Rated Universal Remotes in 2019


Logitech Harmony 650


Many of the best universal remote reviews consider this the ideal model for controlling all of your devices. One advantage of this universal remote is the included software that makes set up a breeze. The software is compatible with PC and MAC, and you’ll appreciate the ease that it walks you through the set up steps.

This remote can be programmed to control up to eight devices, and you’ll love how uncluttered your living room will look. You also have the benefit of the remote’s brightly lit display screen, which is easy to see and navigate. The “one touch” feature lets you program individual buttons for separate commands, and it will automatically switch the intended device to the appropriate settings.

Watch movies from your DVD player, or adjust the contrast on your TV. With the ability to control up to eight different devices the possibilities are almost endless at what this remote can do. As an added benefit this affordable remote is also compatible with almost all of the major brands, so you never have to worry about whether your device will work with this universal controller.

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Direct TV RC66RBX RF


If you own a receiver from DIRECTV, many of the best universal remote reviews┬árecommend this model. Not only is it affordably priced, it also includes all of the features and functions you need to enjoy watching TV. To ensure that you never miss a show or program the “menu” button is clearly displayed, along with the backlit “mute” and “channel” keys. This makes it easy to find the buttons you need, even when you are watching television in the dark.

You also have the advantage of being able to control your receiver from another room, with the included RF feature. Change the channel or display the program menu so everything is set up and ready when you are ready to sit down. With only one remote to control your receiver and up to three other audio visual devices, staying entertained has never been so easy.

There is a switch that will let you change between the different modes, so you can easily control your different components. With the added ability to search for different device operating codes, you also have the ability to control older audio and video components.

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Hy-Tek Tek Partner BW0561RD


This easy to read and use universal remote is ideal for anyone that wants to control multiple entertainment devices. The large buttons are ideal for older adults with vision problems, and its intuitive design is easy to use. This universal remote will eliminate clutter caused by multiple controllers, and its larger size makes it almost impossible to lose.

With buttons that instantly lit up when pressed, it can also be easily used in low lighting. You have the advantage of the easy set up process, and it is also compatible with most major manufacturers of audio and video devices. Control your cable or satellite receivers with the universal remote, along with your television set. The remote will also work with your DVD player, and you also have the advantage of being able to control older VCRs.

The “I” shaped design of the universal remote fits comfortably in your hand, and it can also be slipped into the side pocket of your favorite armchair. With the power and function keys clearly labeled, along with the volume and channel buttons, this is the perfect universal remote for anyone that wants to simply control their entertainment devices without any problems or hassles.

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